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Sweetgrass + Yarrow + Elderflower Hydrosol {Waabigwaniin/Latít}

Sweetgrass + Yarrow + Elderflower Hydrosol {Waabigwaniin/Latít}

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Sweetgrass + Yarrow + Elderflower + Rose Hydrosol

Waabigwaniin/Latít {Flowers} hydrosol is a beautiful blend of a few of my favourite fragrances & Plant kin. A calming facial mist that is supportive for after Sun exposure, inflammation, as well as moistening & tonifying. I love working with Hydrosols throughout the day especially in Winter months when skin tends to be dryer. I work with this one over my makeup as well. 

Beyond the physical effects these powerful Medicines have on the skin, this blend just feels, smells, evokes - beauty, peace, calm and sweetness.

A combination of Elderflower, Yarrow & Rose - paired with Sweetgrass, such beautiful Medicines each on their own, and together they feel so special. The fragrance is not overpowering at all, yet, smells so divine. If you've ever sat with these Plants, you will be brought back to those moments in this Medicine.

Hydrosols are often considered a 'byproduct' of essential oil making, however they hold much healing on their own. They are a combination of the Water as well as Plant matter and volatile oils. They are best worked with within 3 months. To prolong shelf life they are best kept cool or in refrigerator (however, I do travel with mine, or keep in my bag).

Yarrow is deeply healing - protective, offering strong energetic boundaries & also balancing the sun + moon energies within. They are also worked with for physical wounding, to stop bleeding & reduce inflammation, heat. They are quite astringent & a vulnerary, meaning they help to heal wounds (including potentially healing rashes & inflammatory skin issues). They are also anti-microbial. Often added to help heal the skin, as well as tonify & reduce redness.

Elderflower makes the most beautiful healing water, so perfect for the skin. Moisturizing, softening & inflammation reducing.

Rose is a quintessential Venus Medicine, reminding us of the Beauty we carry, the Beauty that surrounds us in all of Creation. They are tonifying, potentially tightening pores & offering healing to the skin tissues. They also hold boundaries, and offer protection.

Sweetgrass reminds me of Home, of belonging. They call in sweetness + joy to our day, to our bodies & Spirits. Gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us in the form of the Elements, and our Hearts.

WORK WITH WAABIGWANIIN: Work with as a facial spray, either before your skincare routine, or after oil based serums (be sure to massage into the skin). Can be worked with throughout the day, even over makeup, to refresh, moisutrize & offer protection to the skin. Can also be worked with as an after Sun spray, potentially reducing heat & inflammation. I like to work with them as a full body spray as well <3 Best if kept refrigerated. Work with the Bottle within 3-4 months.

INGREDIENTS: Hydrosols of Yarrow, Elderflower, Rose, Sweetgrass

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