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Mushroom Chai Adaptogenic Elixir {Energizing & healthy aging}

Mushroom Chai Adaptogenic Elixir {Energizing & healthy aging}

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Fountain of Youth Adaptogenic Mushroom Chai is a potent Elixir made of Roots + Spice + Medicinal Mushrooms. For folks who are feeling tired, burnt out, worn down or who want to prevent this state.

A blend that is nourishing, energizing, building & also so so delicious. Supportive for folks with physical or mental stressors that begin to take a toll on the Body + Mind + Spirit. Honouring the lineage carriers, past present & those to come, who have inspired this particular blend of spices, mostly from Ayurvedic tradition.

Adaptogens are not all one in the same - each has their own Spirit & Medicinal effects. Maca, Fo-Ti & Eleutherococcus combine for an Elixir that will leave you with more vitality & energy for your Life. Reishi + Cordyceps are our auspicious fungi friends <3 Connecting us back in to Source, to the Web of Life. Nourishing our bodies from the Earth, and connecting us to the Consciousness of the Land. Especially supportive for our essence, or vital force. This Elixir is perfect for someone who has prolonged mental, physical or spiritual stress and is feeling deficient. Building. Immune Balancing. Supporting. Connecting. Energizing. Grounding. Calming.

Eleutheroccocus, Fo-Ti, Cordyceps, Reishi, Cinnamon, Ginger, Allpice, Clove, Cardamom, Nutmeg, White Pepper

Delicious as a Chai Latte, hot or iced. Mix 1-1.5tsp of Fountain of Youth with your favorite non-dairy mylk (or half water, half milk - I prefer full fat coconut milk with water). Warm to desired temperature & blend to incorporate mix. You can also whisk to incorporate, the spices will slowly settle to the bottom so you may have to stir again ;) Also delicious iced, just blend and serve over ice! Suitable to work with daily as an afternoon coffee substitute!

FO-TI {He Shou Wu} is my favourite tonic for healthy aging & supporting Kidney essence as well as Liver function. In Traditional Chinese Medicine our Kidney stores our essence, our vitality. With age, having children, stressors, etc. we can become deficient in this vitality.

Fo-Ti helps us to rebuild, so that we can maintain our health, vitality & ‘youth’ (youth as in, we have Life! vs. being exhausted). Some studies (animal) have shown Fo-Ti to balance thyroid & adrenal hormone secretions. Fo-Ti also supports blood in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and may be helpful for anemia.

MA CA is another building adaptogen. They are Yin building, supporting the divine feminine (within us all) as well as divine masculine (Yang) by holding the Yin. They are supportive for low energy, anemia, decreased libido, fertility, anxiety, fatigue, stamina, mental strength etc. They are Indigenous to so called South America. They are also helpful for balancing hormones, and may be indicated for irregular menses. As is the case of many Plant allies, Maca is high in many vital minerals including zinc & iron.

ELEUTHEROCOCCUS is one of the most supportive Adaptogens for prolonged stress of any kind - mental, physical or spiritual. They are helpful for athletes, students, parents, folks with deadlines, sacred activists constantly fighting colonialism/patriarchy/capitalism, or anyone who has stress of any kind (um, maybe all of us?).

REISHI is also known as the mushroom of immortality - gifting long life & energy to those who are blessed to work with these auspicious mushrooms. They are linked to Spirit, to Source, to higher consciousness. And yet, they are of the Earth. Just as Humxns also carry this potential to be a conduit for Source, and, are of the Earth.

Reishi reminds us of this truth, of our own Magick & potential. They nourish our Spirit, as well as physical body. They are immune stimulating (increasing macrophages, t-lymphocytes & monocytes), anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, liver protective, among many other benefits. Reishi is traditionally worked with for anxiety, irritability, restlessness, insomnia & memory issues.

Reishi is also worked with for building blood, and deficient constitutions. Research also shows Reishi may reduce cholesterol and protect the cardiovascular system.

CORDYCEPS is a mushroom (fungi) that is extra supportive of Kidney health & essence, again, supporting overall vitality & ability to handle stress. This can even mean stress in the environment, such as toxins & pollution. They are often worked with for both male & female infertility, and boosting libido.

Traditionally they are also worked with for improving athletic performance (aka boost physical performance of all kinds, including climbing + hiking + running, etc). Nourishing the Kidney also helps support healthy aging, and skin + hair health.

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