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Aki 2.0 Nervous System + Heart + Grounding Elixir

Aki 2.0 Nervous System + Heart + Grounding Elixir

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Aki is Land {Anishinaabemowin}, honoring the Life, Land, Creation that holds us - and that we have responsibility for caring for as well. Aki was chosen as the name, to honor & acknowledge the keepers & original people of the Land this Medicine was created. Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat & Haudenosaunee among others {a portion all Xálish Medicines are always donated back into Community as well}. With fresh Milky Oats & Ashwaganda for extra nervous system renewal. Feeding our nerves & nourishing us deeply. Helping to prevent burnout, while also grounding & reducing anxiety. Medicines many of us need right now. Ashwaganda may also be supportive for a sluggish thyroid, low energy & low mood or increased irritability.

This is an intuitive blend that was created for sensitive souls who feel the deep connection to the Earth, who hear the Plants + Land calling us home. Who feel the grief as well. Calling us to honour our responsibilities here. Who are tired. For Earth stewards, Water protectors, Sacred activists, and anyone who is working to create change + harmony. Aki was created to hold our Hearts, nourish our nervous system, roots & Spirit as we build and create change alongside one another. As we greive. As we also find joy, renewed hope, and sometimes shed our sacred tears back to the Water.

Aki reminds us that that we are home, here, on Earth. That returning to our Hearts is home too. We are part of Creation, we are the Land, and we were given many gifts on this Earth walk. Some may feel like big responsibilities & may sometimes be heavy to carry. This blend helps us to carry our gifts, and responsibilities, without them feeling like a burden. Discerning between acting from ‘should’ or obligation, versus from our Hearts and love. For all of Creation.

It is a deeply healing blend that invokes our connection to all that is, to the Land, to remember our way. To heal our Hearts, our Spirits. To nourish that spark within us that connects us to the Cosmos, the Stars. Awakening our ability to be Rooted here, yet connected to the Universe.

I started with Yarrow, Hawthorne & Linden for strong protection + boundaries + moistening Heart support. Then I added Sweetgrass for sweetness, for reminding us we are *home* and calling on aligned, benevolent Spirit helpers to guide us. Motherwort was added to further heal our maternal lineages, our Mother Earth, and also to hold our Hearts. Motherwort is deeply healing to the physical & emotional Heart, and they may be helpful for folks with Heart Palpitations related to anxiety. They are a potent nervine to calm the nervous system.

The blend didn't feel complete - until, Reishi was added. An auspicious Fungi friend that is tied to the Sky, Star Nations & the divine feminine (creation energy vs gendered roles). Reishi is deeply nourishing to our Heart & Shen, they align & support our Spirit. Reishi is also an Adaptogen & can help our bodies:minds:spirits mitigate stressful situations. I was blessed with finding them this July, near my solar return, on a camping trip on the Water. Surrounded by Reishi, Cedar & Hemlocks. Aki.

This blend, physically, may be supportive for the nervous system providing a sense of calm & ease from anxiety as well as lifting the Spirit/Mood. Milky Oats particularly help to soothe an overactive nervous system, the term 'frazzled' comes to mind. They also have been shown to potentially support with focus, and increase our ability to multi task.

They are often worked with as a trophorestorative, actually restoring proper function to the nervous system. Aki may also gently support the Immune System. Reishi is a potent immune ally, as are most medicinal mushrooms.

The Sweetgrass + Yarrow + Linden may offer potential fever support, cough support, as well as soothing to dry + hot tissues {Linden more so for this}. Perfect for Summer months as our Hearts are the organ of Summer in TCM.

Ashwaganda provides additional adrenal suppor as well as reducing anxiety in many people. They hold potential hormone balancing effects through balancing cortisol levels & also deepening rest/sleep {without causing daytime fatigue}. It is sweetened by the honey, but still offers some bitter effects, which may also help with digestion as well as supporting Liver function, and promoting smooth flow of energy.

There's so much to this Medicine... both physical & spirit based. Feel free to connect into each individual Plant ally here to learn more about how you may potentially work with this blend.

Working with Aki 2.0:

For an overall tonic & immune support , it is best to work with Aki daily, or 2x/day. Working with 1-1.5tsp. You may also work with Aki as needed, intuitively vs. daily. For times your Heart is feeling heavy, or grief settles in, for times you need extra boundaries, protection & grounding, to be reminded of the resiliency you carry in your blood - and to connect with your expansive Spirit. Anytime you are feeling like you need to be held, loved.


Yarrow, Hawthorn ‘haws,’ fresh Milky Oats, Linden, Ashwaganda, Reishi, Sweetgrass, Motherwort, raw organic Honey, grain free alcohol, Spring Water

2oz Bottle

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