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Aláyt {Seaside} Seaweed + Nettle + Cedar Ritual Bath Salt

Aláyt {Seaside} Seaweed + Nettle + Cedar Ritual Bath Salt

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Aláyt {Seaside} is a beautiful green ritual bath salt with Medicines gathered among the Coastal Rainforest of Coast Salish territory. With hand harvested Salish Sea Seaweed {Nori + Fucus}, Yarrow, West coast Cedar & just harvested Spring Nettle. The formula came to me in the Water. Protection, boundaries, softening, nourishment, soothing & honouring all parts of who we are ~ the entire spectrum of our humanity + being.

Seaweed is especially soothing & amazing for the skin. Yin building and moistening. They are quickly becoming my favourite baths! For connecting to the energies of the Ocean & those liminal spaces, mystery. Our origins. The Yarrow + Nettle add a bit of astringency to heal tissues & tighten. As well as protection, emotional + spiritual healing. Warrior Medicine. Cedar offering that cleansing, removing energies that may be out of alignment, clearing.

Deeply restorative, grounding, clearing & protecting; while simultaneously soothing and softening. I love working with this blend for grief rituals, release, after a long day of being around a lot of other energies after teaching/holding space, for New Moon rituals, restoring balance, or anytime I’m feeling called to be with the Water and the Plant + Seaweed + Tree kin in this blend. I’ve also found this blend to be supportive during acute cold + flu for supporting fever & aches, ease….

Work with Aláyt, Ritual Bath:

Anywhere from 2TBSP - 1/8 cup of Salt per bath. Fill bath, giving gratitude to the Water remembering this Water connects us to all of Earth's sacred Waters, and the Water within. Swirl in the Water & feel the comfort + support of our Plant kin. May also add to oil to make a shower scrub, with a little honey for more moistening.

Work with Aláyt whenever you need are feeling called to ground, integrate, restore & release anything that you may be carrying that is asking to be released/that is no longer yours to carry. Supportive for protection energies, evoking boundaries, soothing, remembering & also helping to ease physical tension, grief in the body.


Epsom Salt, Pink Salt, Salish Sea Seaweed {Nori + Fucus}, Yarrow, West coast Cedar & just harvested Spring Nettle

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