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Àtawit {Love} Potion

Àtawit {Love} Potion

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Átawit {love} potion - Heart, Grief, Sacral energy center support, Aprodisiac

Átawit {love} Potion is a delicious potion created to connect you to your Heart, your Body, and Spirit. Embodying Venus energies & stirrings of energy, of the first movements after a long Winter. This Potion may help you awaken & uncover what has been asleep. Holding your Heart through grief, and remembering JOY, pleasure, sweetness, while we navigate birthing change. While we journey through transformation.

With Heart supportive herbs Schisandra, Hibiscus; Hawthorn & Rose, átawit offers Heart support during difficult times, as well as discernment in holding healthy boundaries. Schisandra holding clarity & clear, aligned Vision. Átawit is also an aphrodisiac, deepening sensuality and (re)connecting us to centers of pleasure & creation - evoking a sense of joy, pleasure & connection. Aprodisiacs also help to stimulate blood flow, removing any stagnation or feelings of 'being stuck.' Perfect for late Winter, helping move energy and warm the lower burner/womb/sacral centers.

This Elixir also connects you to your creative energy, allowing your gifts & creations to flow with ease. Átawit opens portals for divine connection to others, ourselves, and all of Creation. Supporting in removing any stagnation or blocks that may be holding us back from truly experiencing deep Love & affection. From expressing your Medicine + Creativity. This Love Potion was created to help root us into the vibration of Love, to remember the beauty + pleasure + juicyness of Life, even amidst difficult times. To show ourselves this Love & sweetness too.


LOVE them as a Winter & Spring Elixir, warming & Heart opening.

For delicious & alcohol free version: mix 1oz of Átawit with Ginger Beer or Sparkling Water. For a warming version, add 1oz of this blend to warm water, top with fresh grated ginger & a cinnamon stick.

For a spirited version: mix .5-1oz of this elixir to 2oz of your favorite Bourbon, or Rhum, and top with Ginger Beer and an Orange Peel twist.

Meant to inspire your creativity for mixing herbal potions of your own at home! Play with flavors & mixes! I also love adding flower essences to my drinks <3

INGREDIENTS: Schisandra Berry, Rose, Hawthorn, Damiana, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sarsaparilla, Raw Organic Honey, {small amount of gluten free alcohol}


Hawthorn & Rose calm and strengthen the Heart, energetic & physical, while also offering support from heartbreak & grief, and protection from absorbing other’s feelings/emotions.

Damiana is added as an herb to help increase feelings of sensuality, and relaxation. They are a calming Plant ally. Damiana helps to connect us to our passions, and what we desire in this lifetime. Damiana also acts on the nervous system to help ease tension & stress - acting more as a toning nervine rather than a sedative. Damiana may also be worked with to increase visioning & astral travel, opening our perceptions to realms of possibility.

Hibiscus is tonifying for the heart and circulatory system, and acts on the Sacral Chakra - helping to heal and remove blockages from this powerful energetic center. Hibiscus allows creativity to flow, as it unlocks true creativity from our energetic womb spaces {non-gendered}. I dreamt of Hibiscus after making this blend - and dreamt of the juicy Calyxes, reminding me of our own hips, dancing and swaying in the Moon light.

Schisandra is a powerful adaptogenic herb, known as the Five Flavor berry as it touches on all of our perceived tastes. They are Liver, Heart& Kidney nourishing, and reach all of the meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Schisandra is a lovely adaptogen as well - supporting overall Vitality, Qi, & Kidney Yin, while offering support to the entire nervous system.

Cinnamon & Ginger are added for flavor and to bring this formula together in perfect, sweet, warm, harmony. Offering warmth & light to our energetic core, as well as Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. They also are stimulating allies, again, helping promote movement & flow.

Sarsparilla nourishes and tonifies the reproductive organs - bringing blood flow & healing to these areas to allow for true connection. <3

KEEP REFRIGERATED & Use within 4-6 months, or freeze for later use.

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