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Burdock Honey

Burdock Honey

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Burdock Honey // 2oz Jar

Mmm Burdock Root & Honey ~ such a grounding, sweet & nourishing offering. The Earthy-ness of the Burdock Root paired with the golden honey is so nurturing.

Burdock root is a lovely Plant ally for helping us to Root into our dreams, into who we are. They can help us to really Ground & take in all the change we have gone through. They may help us to integrate the shifts that we personally & collectively have been navigating.

The tap root is long {often 2-3 ft} reaching deep into the cool, fertile, dark soil - pulling those nutrients up & anchoring to the Earth. In this way they also help us to anchor & assimilate nutrients in our bodies. Not just food nourishment, but also spiritual nourishment, soul filled relationships & anything that feeds us from deep within.

Physically Burdock Root is an alterative; ‘cleaning the blood’ (removing toxins), improving digestion & increasing bile secretion. In this way they help us digest & process what we take in to our bodies/spirits - as well as release what we don’t need. They are helpful for dry skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis.

They are a moistening(demulcent) Root that can help to balance heat, or fire elements. They are amazing for Yin deficiency, with symptoms such as irritability, dry, false heat, low fluids, exhaustion, weak, easily fatigued, etc.

Burdock may also help healthy aging, from within & topically.They may inhibit collagen & elastin breakdown. Helping our connective tissue (skin!) & joints.

Burdock is also a Bear Medicine, offering us deep rest, integration, protection & connection to our bodies/cycles 🐻🌸 Burdock helps us to make peace with where we are on our path, calling us to the present moment, and helping us to move forward in a good, more healed, way.

WORK WITH BURDOCK HONEY: Dip a spoon into your Medicine & drizzle the golden, warm honey into your mouth, onto yogurt, porridge, or any other foods you typically would add honey to. You can also add a spoonful to an herbal infusion for grounding, rooting, integration & nourishment.

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