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California Poppy

California Poppy

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California Poppy flower essence is supportive help us *embody* our Ancestral + Cosmic connections. Really helping us to stay tethered in our bodies. Connecting us to our lineages, and healing traumas held here {esp if centred around addictions}. Allowing us to inhabit our Human selves, to REST, to feel ease in our bodies, so that we may continue to create change & walk forward with these gifts shared with us for this time.

I crafted this essence three years ago, and this is the first time I'm offering them here as they've been calling so loudly to be shared during this collective time of rebirth & dismantling of harmful systems, healing through collective pain & reclaiming our birth rights, our Medicine, our authentic identity(s).

California Poppy is a beautiful, orange & sage green, soft Plant relative who carries big Medicine. They are Native to Western so called North America. A powerful Plant Ancestors.

They may help us when we feel called to dissociate from our Bodies, when the pain becomes overwhelming, when we turn to coping with substances or behaviours that don’t feel aligned. Reweaving those patterns with compassion, harmony.

They’re calling right now to ease the collective pain, sleepless nights, tension as we BIRTH this new way. I also love working with them for folks postpartum {after ANY amount of years passed} who experienced traumatic births, births w/o supportive traditions/Ceremony as well. Also for children who experienced traumatic births.

They are lovely when feeling overwhelmed, uncentered, irritable, frustrated, slightly hopeless and unclear on the path forward. When facing ascension symptoms or big changes in ones path/life. They may help to ease tension within the body, mind, spirit. Remembering joy & purpose.

They pair well with Shooting Star Flower Essence, as Shooting Star helps us open to our gifts & integrate our purpose/original instructions for choosing to be Humxn at this time. Whereas California Poppy helps us to STAY in our bodies, and work through the pain & past traumas that may arise as we birth these new ways rooted in tradition & harmony with Creation.

California Poppy flower essence was crafted in the Xálish Medicine garden with so much love, on a bright Sunny day. Embodying this Solar Energy & harmonizing our Sacral + Solar Plexus energy centers. They open & close with Sunlight - reminding us that during the birth process {birth also being birthing new consciousness + ways} we may need to embrace + integrate the dark/shadow as well, and it's normal to rest during these times & protect our Sacred energies. The Sun always returns.


Take 3 drops under the tongue, or in water, as needed. You can choose to work with the Essence for 3-7 days in a row, taking note of any changes or shifts. Taking a break, and then resuming as needed. I usually recommend keeping a dream journal during your time connecting with a new Plant.

*Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine, they typically do not contain physical constituents of the Plant. They contain the patterns, energy, imprints of the Plant suspended in Nibi/Water.

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