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Cedar + Strawflower Wands

Cedar + Strawflower Wands

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A beautiful combination of Cedar, Strawflower & Yarrow to imbue your altar, home or sacred space with beauty, protection, harmony + creative energy. These wands may be burned, though I typically don't burn Strawflower in a dish, unless they are added to a sacred fire. They are best worked with as decor, kept on an altar, by the bedside, for amplifying energies + rituals, clearing space, or unwrapped and made into a beautiful Cedar + Flower bath.

Cedar are one of my favorite relatives to work with for protection, purification & clearing space. To me they also hold our connection to Spirit, Ancestors ~ that magic & wisdom that we each carry as well. Carrying intentions, prayers. Remembering the balance of life, death, birth cycles as well as the balance of darkness, & light. Sun & Moon. Spectrums of being.

Yarrow is protection Medicine, with an affinity to the Blood, awakening Blood memories, medicine & wisdom while holding protection + healing.

Strawflower always remind me of a cervix, to me they hold that creative energy potential. What are we dreaming to be, birthing, creating? They are also just so beautiful, they hold their shape even while dry. Carrying that Medicine of longevity, of 'immortality' in a way ~ but more so, the immortality of beauty, of the creative energy we share while we are here, the patterns we hold + break + weave, and the dreams we dream into being. Also supportive for fertility workings. I love working with them for 

WORK WITH CEDAR + STRAWFLOWER WAND: Set your intentions as you work with the wand; keeping them on your altar, by your bedside, under your pillow or burning them in the Fire. You can also choose to burn them as a Smoke Medicine to clear energy, offer protection, just be mindful of the Strawflower as they burn (and Cedar crackles!). Can also boil to infuse the home with beautiful fragrance, as well as clearing + protection medicine + abundance blessings. The water can be saved to work with as a floor wash, or bath! Lovely to work with for clearing energies, protection, love rituals, protection magic, fertility, remembering our creative spark, grief, and coming back to our Hearts + Spirit.

{1 wand about 8-10 inches}

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