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Citrus Bitters with Yellowdock + Oregon Grape {Liver detoxification + Gut support}

Citrus Bitters with Yellowdock + Oregon Grape {Liver detoxification + Gut support}

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Citrus Bitters is a seasonal bitters made from West Coast harvested abundant Flowers & roots, as well as Orange peel, Grapefruit peel & spice! It is so delicious. Alcohol free for kin sensitive to or avoiding alcohol. Beyond being delicious, it is also medicinal. Potentially supporting digestive health, the gut, as well as liver and detoxification pathways. Reducing bloating and potentially stabilizing blood sugar when worked with before meals.

Bitters may help to stimulate our Vagus nerve, allowing us to come back into ‘rest & digest.’ To come back into our bodies & feel a sense of calm. If you’ve ever tasted bitter Medicine you may know this feeling of being called to the present moment and back into the body.

Bitters also may support proper digestion & gut health. Stimulating digestive juices to help our bodies digest, and receive nutrients, nourishment, from the foods we eat. I created this blend to not only be delicious & fun to experiment with, but also to support stress levels + digestion, and gently Gallbladder, and Liver detoxification support.

The taste is bitter, with a lot of Citrus & some spice coming through. The earthy Yellowock and Burdock root add some depth, as well as grounding & blood building Medicine. While the Orange + Grapefruit peel add some sour and brightness, moving stuck or stagnant energy and uplifting the Spirit. I added Arbutus Tree blossoms for their floral notes, as well as some sweetness. And lastly the Clove, Fennel and Cinnamon in the background for just a hint of spice and balanced warmth.

Of course, each of the Plant Medicines has so much to them! Each were chosen not only for flavour, but also to support us during this season. Gathered during early Spring, helping us to move through these times feeling nourished, and supported. Integrating & digesting all we take in on a daily basis. Supporting our bodies + Spirit in discerning. Yellowdock and Burdock especially supporting building blood, and receiving nourishment. Moving any stuck energies and flowing with what each moment brings. Helping us to clear any stagnancy, or energies that don’t belong. Calling in abundance & sweetness!

Meant to evoke that sense of pleasure, joy, presence. Enjoyed directly from the dropper bottle, added to plain water for digestive + liver support, or made into an herbal mocktail/cocktail. There are many ways to work with Citrus Bitters! Play, experiment, enjoy.

WORK WITH CITRUS BITTERS: Add a few drops to top your cocktail or mocktail, wherever bitters are called for. This blend is a bit heavier with the glycerine, so it may sink a bit depending on the drink. Add to ginger beer or soda water for a seasonal non-alcohol drink, garnishing with Wildflowers or a Grapefruit zest. Lovely as a daily bitter tonic 15 minutes before meals if needed, or just when a bigger meal may be enjoyed!

Ingredients: Oregon Grape flower,Dandelion flower + Leaf, Grapefruit peel, Orange peel, Yellowdock root, Burdock root, Arbutus flower, Clove, Anise Hyssop, Fennel, Cinnamon, Organic non-GMO glycerine, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


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