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Seer Ritual Bath Soak

Seer Ritual Bath Soak

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Seer Ritual Bath

A blend of Plant medicines intuitively combined to create a Ritual bath that embodies Heart centred vision + clarity. Supporting us in coming from our Hearts, in visioning & dreaming from this place of authentic love. Connecting Spirit within our bodies & Hearts.

The fragrance is very Earth and subtle, it isn't a strong scented bath. The Angelica Root oil gives it a very Earthy, and grounded fragrance. The Sweetgrass comes through gently, alongside the Rose + Juniper berry. A beautiful emerald green colour, no added colourings, just Plant Magic.

The Angelica oil, Wild Rose oil, and Wild Rose glycerite add softness & moisturizing effects to this blend. These two allies strengthening the Womb {energetic centre of creation/sacral energy centres} + Heart axis, healing and activating these centres to guide us in discernment, love, open receiving, and space to let go of any traumas or patterns that may prevent us from truly seeing, and embodying Spirit. From walking with the visions, guidance, and teachings we receive. To continue to show up in the ways we are shown. Angelica is one of my favourite Plant kin's for journeying, for grief work & really seeing beyond illusions, or limiting beliefs.

Sweetgrass and Damiana call on benevolent Spirits, helpers & open our perceptions to see + vision beyond this reality. To remember the beauty, sweetness & joy that we have access to. Our Cosmic consciousness.

Mugwort & Juniper Berry are two of my favourite protective + magical plant allies for meditations, dreamwork, visioning as well as clearing energies and protecting.

Nettle offers minerals to hold us, to nurture deeply & support a relaxed nervous system as well as gentle detoxification of physical + emotional 'stuff' that we no longer need to carry. Supporting us in receiving that depth of nourishment, sustaining our energies.

Ritual Bath: Suggested Instructions: Anywhere from 2TBSP - 1/8 cup of Salt per bath. Fill bath, giving gratitude to the Water remembering our Bath water connects us to all of Earth's sacred Waters, and the Water within. Swirl suggested amount, or whatever calls, in the Water & feel the comfort + support of our Plant kin. Can also add to oil to make a shower scrub, with a little honey for more moistening.

Inviting in all of your senses & pleasure centres to activate, balance & harmonize. Remembering our senses connect us to our environment, to one another. Remembering this Beauty is Heart work, is Grief work, is Liberation work. It sustains us.

Lovely to work with for Love Rituals, alone or with intimate partner(s) & for calling on Clarity + Vision from Spirit.

Ingredients: Damiana, Montana Sweetgrass, Rose, Mugwort, Spring Nettle, Motherwort, Wild Rose Glycerite, Wild Rose infused oil, Angelica Oil, Juniper berry {small amount of ethically crafted essential oil}

6oz reusable glass jar

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