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Cosmic Weaver Flower Essence

Cosmic Weaver Flower Essence

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Resilience support for birthing & weaving new ways, harmonious ways of being; rooted in the Earth & anchored to the Stars. Integrating & walking our most aligned path, embodying our original Instructions. For times where we may feel uncertain of our path, or our Medicine, and the ways we are showing up. For feeling held.

Cosmic Weaver is a Flower Essence formula that intuitively came while out on the Land one beautiful July afternoon <3 It was created to help us all navigate transitional times. To integrate all of the messages, downloads, ancestral love we are receiving while also healing traumas, patterns & old wounding.

Helping us to ‘reprogram’ & be in our most aligned selves, our physical + mental + emotional + spiritual. Calling down Star & ancient universal wisdom into our Bones. Integrating the root + crown, and de-frazzling the spine and nervous system. Supporting Embodiment of our cosmic connections here on this plane, rippling out our attuned day to day activities to create harmony within all time + space dimensions.

Weaving our harmonious DNA, our physicality with Spirit, so that we may actually move and embody this aligned path. Harmonizing us to the loving vibrations of creation, and easing any pains that arise as we allow this life:death:birth cycle to flow …

*it should be noted that flower essences & vibrational medicines may offer support; and, other work often needs to accompany them. Especially with trauma work & healing {restoring harmony, not colonial versions or ideas of healing as a destination}. They may support us & guide that alignment, and, they aren’t a ‘Magick pill’ 💛


3 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Taken 1-3 times a day, for 3 or 7 days in a row. Notice any shifts, and pay attention to any changes over the 3 or 7 days. If no shifts occur, continue taking for another 3 or 7 days. From there, take as needed, or during ritual work/meditation/new moon/full moon ceremonies.

*All Flower Essences & Gem Essences made lovingly by my hands + heart, in Ceremony either in the Xálish Medicine Garden or on the Land {in the case of Lady's Slipper, a no pick method on the Land was employed}

Blue Cohosh ~ Supportive for birth traumas, helping us birth & dream a new way forward. Providing balance to the quickening process we may be experiencing. Preparing us for what is to come, for what we are co-creating. Helps relieve ‘birthing pains’ associated with birthing ourselves anew, birthing creations, dreaming and creating ways of being rooted in harmony while dismantling harmful systems, attuning with our purpose + path + embodiment.

Yarrow ~ A beautiful boundary holder & blood support. For the wounded healer, warrior archetypes. They hold boundaries so that we do not take on others energies, emotions, paths, while still remaining open and aware. So that we may remain clear & authentic within our own energies. So that we may also be protected from societal ‘programming’ {colonial overculture} that aims to create more disharmony. So that we may tap into our blood Memory & carry this forward, honoring our well Ancestors.

Shooting Star ~ One of my favourites. Helping us to embody our path, and remember our purpose here. To really step fully into our Medicine & our most harmonious selves. The Star embodied. Beautiful for starseeds who are remembering their work here, awakening to their purpose, hearing the calls of the Land + Moon + Stars to attune back to Creation. Helpful for folks who feel dispondent, apathetic & lack ‘motivation’ to carry on. (also very valid & understandable)

Star of Bethlehem ~ A potent ally for shock, I often work with them for birth work. Again, as we birth & dream these new ways forward, while dismantling systems of harm. Taking it a step forward in understanding many of us were birthed into trauma, not within our Ceremonies, or with the Land. Helping us to heal any lingering effects of traveling to this Earth plane at this time, as well as any shock we may have experienced during our time here thus far.

Arnica ~ Supportive for traumas of all kinds - phyiscal, mental, emotional, spiritual - this lifetime, ancestral & past lifetimes. They are bright like the Summer Sun & help us remember this joy we may access. This Life giving Sun & Golden energy. They energize & provide healing. Helpful for folks who have gone into shock after trauma, perhaps not even realizing they are not fully embodied or living with constant triggering. Especially supportive for BIPOC living within a colonial & harmful framework which may be a source of daily trauma. Also deeply supportive for the times we are in, for all, as to some degree we are going through collective trauma, of course some more than others. Clears the energy fields around & within the body.

Comfrey ~ Protection. Knitting broken lineages back together, broken or disconnected communications within ourselves, well ancestors & within relationships. Providing closure to difficult or traumatic events, this lifetime or past lives. Bone deep healing. Connective. Helps reconnect to defragmented parts of self, spirit, soul.

Lady’s Slipper ~ Integrates & merges our Spiritual path with our Human selves. Weaving together Spirit + Physical, so that we may walk forward in a balanced way. So that we may return to our highest purpose + path on this Earth Walk. Supports Root imbalances by bringing energy & vitality to our core self, strengthening our authentic identity & reclaiming all parts of ourselves. Supporting vitality & energy, helpful for folks who are feeling exhausted or fatigued. Helps bring balance to the nervous system. Reminds us to walk gently upon this Earth, and to care for all of Creation. Calls those who’ve strayed from their path, home. Releasing shame held in lower energy centers.

Amethyst ~ Balancing our Crown energy centers, our ability to receive downloads in a clear way, in a way that we may understand & carry them without being overwhelmed by them. Connecting us to Spirit. Offering harmony to our Mind & ability to think for ourselves, connected with all of creation, with Clarity.

Montana Obsidian ~ Rooting us to the Earth & offering protection + boundary energy. Think of the shiny surface of the Obsidian, reflecting back all gaze that is not in alignment with our most aligned path. All gaze or intentions that aim to harm, to hinder, to confuse or to disorient. Protecting through reflecting all that may create disharmony back to source, to be healed & cleared. Holding volcanic & ancient energy.

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