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Divine Heart {Heart Tonic + Love Medicine + Grief Support}

Divine Heart {Heart Tonic + Love Medicine + Grief Support}

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Divine Heart was born out of a Vision that came to me years ago - to sooth our Collective Hearts & bring feelings of deep Love & Connection. Comprised of all Rose family Plant Medicines. This enchanted Medicine is all Heart + Boundaries <3

Connecting you to your Heart space, your organ of perception, your Spirit... so that we may walk with our Heart forward on our most aligned paths. Keeping our Hearts open. Remembering how to receive joy amidst grief. Rose family medicines also offering protection. Both Rose + Hawthorn having thorns to protect us on our Earth Walk, and in living from our Hearts. Boundary Medicine. Rose also offering protection from harmful entities, energies.

Work with Divine Heart during times of grief, break ups, transitions, heart ache, trauma, for feelings of overwhelm due to the state of the World, for activism, for those who feel they don’t belong, for all beings … you are loved. You are love. May this Medicine hold your Heart with gentleness & remind you of the Beauty & Love that surrounds you, even in the hardest of times.

To connect you with your Heart during times of transition, confusion or times where you are looking for intuitive guidance, plant spirit communication or clarity.

Rose family connects us to our Maternal lineages, helping to heal wounds we may have from this lifetime, intergenerational traumas, or past life wounding as well. Deeply healing to the Spirit + Soul... connecting us to source energy that is Mama Earth, our own Hearts, the Water.

A really special blend of Hawthorn Flower & Berry, Wild Rose, Agrimony, Wild Strawberry Flower Essence, Apple Cider Vinegar (a member of the Rose family!), and Raw Organic honey - brining the sweetness to this Medicine, combining it with the Sour of the vinegar to offer balance. Each of these Medicines were lovingly bush harvested in very small amounts in accordance to Moon & Solar cycles, or grown by me.

During the process of making this Medicine, I tasted it to see if anything needed to be added, and the healing that occurred was beyond what I could have hoped for in this Medicine. It is my absolute joy to share this with you all. It brought tears of joy, love, ancestral grief & deep deep healing. Infusing for 6 Moons to ensure we all flow with the emotions as they arise, and have patience in our path, so that we can be clear in our paths & walk our most aligned, healed, truths. Showing up in all the ways we are called, from that place of love & remembering our paths here.

Charged with Rose Quartz to infuse this blend with crystalline energies of Cosmic Love.

1-2 teaspoons, 2-3x per day, or as needed. Add to a bit of water or from the dropper bottle, you can also add this to spritzers during the Summer for some Love & a bit of sweet/tart flavour!

This Medicine is intentionally alcohol free for those sensitive to alcohol. Apples are also a member of the Rose family, and were chosen to hold the vibrational integrity of this blend.


Drop doses on tongue as needed or 1 teaspoons, 2-3x per day, as needed. For love, for grief, for heartbreak, for heavy heart, for joy or just to connect with your Light & Heart space. Add to a bit of water or enjoy directly from the dropper bottle, you can also add this to spritzers during the Summer for some Love & a bit of sweet/tart flavor!


{All ROSE family ingredients} Home grown Wild Rose, Wild harvested Hawthorn Flowers & Berries, Ontario Agrimony, Wild Strawberry Flower Essence, Raw Organic local Honey, Organic Apple Cider vinegar

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