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Echinacea Flower Essence

Echinacea Flower Essence

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Echinacea are a Plant kin many of us are familiar with, typically we are more familiar with the root & their ability to support the Immune system. They are one of those Plant kin who have become more ‘mainstream,’ also showing up in ornamental gardens as their flowers are just so beautiful. They are also a fave of many pollinators :) I spent some time with Echinacea this Summer & felt called to make an essence to share with you all. Their subtle energies are just so beautiful too. They are a deeply healing & restorative Plant kin.

We may look to Echinacea to help fortify us, to resource us, to help us rebuild, while also amplifying our inner protection. They are beautiful Medicine for discernment, for strengthening our intuition & ability to discern. For remembering the wisdom we carry in our own bodies. Healing patterns of feeling disconnected from ourselves & Creation.

Their ability to support the Immune system can also be seen as protection & boundary medicine. How are we interacting with our environment? What are we taking in? Where do our boundaries end & others begin? Are our boundaries too rigid? Or barely present at all?

I love working with them for patterns of deficiency, of feeling exhausted, depleted, burnt out, as well as questioning our path, our intuition & ways of knowing. They may help to strengthen this self understanding & awareness, through their ability to also help us in discernment what is supportive, and what may be harmful or disharmonious. I find this protection aspect and the re-building of self to be woven together, they don’t feel protective in the same way as Yarrow for example. More so that they help us to find that resource *within,* rebuilding and strengthening internally, standing in who we are, fully. They may support us in this remembering of who we are, and why we are here ~ remembering our connection with our own bodies is also a connection with all of Creation.

How to work with Echinacea Flower Essence: Flower Essences are an intuitive Medicine, and there are many ways to work with them. A starting place may be a few drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Taken 1-3 times a day, for a few days in a row. You can also add them to bath water, or to topical applications of creams + lotions (add to hands, not into another bottle directly).

Notice any shifts, and pay attention to any changes while working with the Flower Essence. If no shifts occur, continue taking for another 3-7 days. From there, take as needed, or during ritual work/meditation/anytime you are feeling called to connect with their Medicine. 

Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy, Echinacea Flower on a beautiful Summer day, with Bee visits & gentle winds 

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