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Elecampane Oxymel: Lung health, Solar Plexus balancing, Cough + Cold

Elecampane Oxymel: Lung health, Solar Plexus balancing, Cough + Cold

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Elecampane Oxymel is a delicious, warming Medicine for supporting a healthy respiratory system & supporting gut and lung health. As well as balancing Solar plexus energies.

This beautiful golden Medicine is made of three potent ingredients - Elecampane Root, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Raw Organic local honey. The honey acts as the perfect medium for Elecampane's bitter properties, while also adding demulcent & moistening components to Elecampane. Apple Cider vinegar may be helpful for digestion as well; offering an alkaline Medicine, stomach acid support & reducing inflammation. The Apple Cider vinegar is raw & also contains some beneficial probiotics. May also support healthy blood sugar levels & insulin sensitivity {always speak to practitioner if on medications, or navigating diabetes}.

Elecampane feels like Home. They are a beautiful ally for feeling 'homesick.' They bring us back to memories of feeling connected, safe, nurtured, held. While also activating us to shed what no longer serves our highest good - to step fully into our Light, Medicine, Truth & highest self. Connecting us with our Breath, our Life force energy. Embodying the Sun.

They are also a supportive Medicine for the Fall transitions & seasonal shifts, especially for cold & flu 'season.'

About Elecampane:

Elecampane is a warming bitter - they are often referred to as a 'Lung herb,' as they help support the Lungs so potently. They help to expel mucous & dampness from the body. Think of a time you’ve had a cough where things just feel stuck. Elecampane can help you bring that up and out. Reducing congestion and helping us to breathe easier.

Elecampane is also anti-microbial, helping to fight pathogens. They have biofilm busting properties as well, making them very useful for difficult infections.

They are also a wonderful emmenagaogue, again, stimulating the body to shed - this time through shedding the endometrial lining (aka period). Again, helping us to let go. Not relaxing us to let go (ahem, Vervain), but stimulating us to let go! They are active.

They also work on the digestive system, through bitter properties which stimulate digestive secretions, the liver, gallbladder & pancreas. As well as containing high amounts of inulin, which is essentially a food for our good gut bacteria (prebiotic).

They overall help assimilation, tonification & strengthening the tissues. Through digestion, clear breathing, shedding - it helps to integrate all that we’re taking in (food, ideas, energy) while also shedding what we don’t need. How amazing is that? So, we can also look to them to help when we’re feeling cold & weak (fatigue, sluggish digestion, delayed period, foggy thinking) & just need a little support.

Working with Elecampane during these times feels extra potent - they help us remember our light & help move stagnant energy after a heavy season, cycle or grief. Preparing us for Winter months. Calling in the ability to shed what you no longer need; and to really integrate all of the gifts & nourishment that have been/are coming your {our} way ✨

1oz bottle

Work with Elecampane Oxymel:

I love just working with drop doses of this beautiful Medicine. Enjoying the sweet + sour warmth of this Medicine. Also lovely added to water, .5-1tsp 2x/day or as needed. You can also add a droppersful to an herbal infusion for extra Lung support & their energetic Sun energy, and illumination.


Fresh Elecampane Root, Raw Organic Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Sunshine

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