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Face Serum with Seaweed + Blue Tansy ~ Intertidal

Face Serum with Seaweed + Blue Tansy ~ Intertidal

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Intertidal is a beautiful formula that came to me while sitting with Seaweed kin in the Ocean. Crafted to support collagen synthesis, rejuvenate the skin, plump/hydrate, reduce redness + inflammation as well as fine lines, and protect from free radical damage. {1oz}

Contains essential oils; I typically don’t add EO to any of my offerings & this serum is an exception. See *about ingredients for more information on them

A gorgeous emerald Sea green formula crafted first from three types of Seaweed gathered fresh, as well as Comfrey leaf from the Medicine garden. With oils of Jojoba, Grapeseed, Pomegranate seed, Camellia seed & Pumpkin seed. Some of my favourites for support cellular regeneration, speeding healing & moisturizing the skin. I then added Blue Tansy, Chamomile & Helichrysum essential oils. I typically don’t add essential oils to the Medicines; however, these are ones I work with personally for skin care & that I have developed a relationship with. They are used sparingly, with gratitude. I chose to add them as they have helped my skin so much, and have the most beautiful fragrance combined together too.

This serum is lighter than Walk in Beauty, crafted especially to support our skin during the Summer months. Offering protection as well as healing from UV rays {of course, always being mindful of the Sun & the balance}. I find Intertidal serum absorbs quite quickly, though it is still an oil. I have worn makeup after letting it soak in for about 10 minutes & love the glow it offers ~ if you don’t like that glow + feeling just use a bit less of the serum, mixing in just a couple drops into your moisturizer, or just use at night before bed :)

The scent is also more present, Blue Tansy, Chamomile & Helichrysm oils coming through.

Rejuvenating. Smoothing. Nourishing. Glowing. Healthy aging. Protecting.

Offers a beautiful glow & smoothing to the skin. Over time may offer fine line & wrinkle smoothing effects {as well as remembering age is a gift and each line tells a story, xo}

Handmade. Vegan. Garden or small farm grown + Organic.


Seaweed are one of my favourite Medicines, especially for skin health, and this oil is infused with three different types: Fucus, Kelp & Ulva lactuca {Sea lettuce}. Seaweeds are amazing for softening & moistening skin, they are also rich in Iodine which may support skin health, act as an anti-oxidant as well as have some antimicrobial activity. Protecting our skin from free radical damage, including damage from the Sun, while also reducing inflammation.

Seaweed also contains a constituent called fucoidan. Fucoidan has been shown to potentially help increase collagen synthesis as well as repairing skin damage. Fucoidan also may support moisture levels {similar to hyaluronic acid}, and protect the skin ~ giving a plump, hydrated appearance. Fucoidans have also been shown to potentially protect against photoaging impacts and protect the skin from UV radiation {Sun} as well as environmental pollution. They also have been shown to provide increased hydration levels to the skin.

Comfrey leaf is a beautiful Plant that has shown to increase cellular regeneration, repair, and potentially boost collagen. Comfrey contains allantoin which has been shown to gently exfoliate the skin, increase cellular regeneration {potentially supportive for minor acne scarring}, increase collagen synthesis, and hydrate the skin. Softening & smoothing the skin.

Pomegranate Seed oil may help to enhance skin elasticity, skin regeneration, prevent free radical damage and reduce scarring. They may help to smooth fine lines & give that beautiful glow to the skin. High in fatty acids, Vitamin C, K & anti-oxidants.

Pumpkin Seed oil is high in Omegas 3, 6 & 9 as well as carotenoids, zinc and magnesium. It is a beautiful, rich, luxurious oil that may help to reduce inflammation, redness, and is often well tolerated for sensitive and acne prone skin. May help to boost firmness & hydrate the skin.

Camellia oil is a fast absorbing oil that leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft and toned due to the slight astringency. High in antioxidants, Camellia oil may help to rejuvenate the appearance of tired (ahem, I feel this!) skin & protect from environmental stressors/pollution/UV. May also help with hyperpigmentation.

Bakuchiol is a popular ingredient right now, an extract from the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia, Babchi. It is often called a ‘retinol alternative’ as it has similar actions to retinol, but without the dryness and irritation. Helping to potentially boost collagen synthesis and boost cellular regeneration. There are some interesting studies on this beautiful kin, helping to smooth fine lines & wrinkles, as well as reduce photo damage. However as with most ‘trendy’ Plant Medicines, there is often more to their Medicine and impact. They are a traditional Plant medicine in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, and not ‘new’ or ‘just discovered.’ I chose to add this kin as I have personally been enjoying working with them, and have noticed positive impacts on my skin especially during the Summer when retinols may not be a good choice with increase Sun exposure. The concentration in this serum is 0.5%.

Jojoba oil is one of my favourites as it is said to mimic our sebum very closely, it is actually a liquid wax. Lightweight and fast absorbing, it penetrates down to the skin matrix potentially helping the skin absorb other ingredients more readily. Grapeseed oil is another favourite, slightly anti-microbial which may be supportive for acne prone skin. Grapeseed oil is also protective & may help to minimize look of fine lines.

Essential oils of Blue Tansy, Chamomile and Helichrysum are beautiful for soothing the skin, reducing inflammation, offering protection from free radical damage, as well as helping speed repair of skin (increasing cellular turnover). They may also help to reduce scaring, and typically are well tolerated by sensitive skin. Of course, always doing a patch test before using any new topical product, and ensuring there are no asteracea family allergies. Helichrysum contains constituents which may help to prevent the enzymatic breakdown of collagen & elastin, important for keeping skin integrity + slowing signs of premature aging (premature being the key word, it is a blessing to age). May also help to increase circulation, boosting overall vitality of the skin!


Massage a few drops into your skin morning & evening.

Use after hydrosols (massage the hydrosol into the skin if using after oil), or after moisturizer to protect the hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin.

I like to add it as the last step of my routine. Suitable for am & pm. It takes some time to absorb fully into the skin. I have found it wears well with foundation or concealer, but I let it absorb for about 10 minutes. I find my foundation looks more even & dewy, but of course depends on your skin type & make-up. I tend to drier skin. Personally I love the dewy glow, but if you don't like that look it may be best worked with only in the evening. It is a light to medium weight oil based serum. As always, test before use. 

Experiment! Find what works best for you - be sure to let me know what you find!♥


Fucus, Kelp & Ulva lactuca, Comfrey leaf, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Camellia seed oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Bakuchiol, Blue Tansy essential oil, German Chamomile essential oil, Helichrysum essential oil

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