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Of the Forest Festive Bitters {non-alcoholic bitters}

Of the Forest Festive Bitters {non-alcoholic bitters}

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Of the Forest festive bitters are a blend of bitters, roots & berries that come together to make a really delicious + potent Medicine. Out of all the new Plant Medicine drops, I may be most excited to have this one back!

Bitters can often be worked with to make drinks, whether cocktails or mocktails. Added as a topper or in higher amounts to impart flavour to the drink. Of course they also can be Medicine!

Bitter Plant kin help to stimulate the vagus nerve and can bring a sense of calm, or more so, a sense of a balanced nervous system. If you’ve ever tried bitters you may know this feeling of really being brought back into the body.

Bitters also may support proper digestion & gut health. Stimulating digestive juices to help our bodies digest, and receive nutrients, nourishment, from the foods we eat. Especially around holidays times foods can be a bit richer & heavier than normal. I created this blend to not only be delicious & fun to experiment with, but also to support stress levels + digestion during a time where both may need a little extra love!

Made with some West Coast Plant kin that have been speaking loudly, Douglas fir needles & Coastal Mugwort. With Angelica archangelica, Orange Peel, Burdock Root, Elderberry, Juniper Berry, Allspice, Clove & Cardamom. Mmmmm. Infused in a base of organic, non-GMO glycerine and organic Apple Cider vinegar to make a non-alcoholic bitters blend for folks who are avoiding alcohol.

The taste is definitely bitter, with Citrus & spices coming through. There is an aspect of sweet with the glycerine & sour from the Apple Cider Vinegar. I have really enjoyed it directly from the spoon (but I enjoy bitter :)), added to plain water, soda water, or made into a mocktail with ginger beer (non alcohol). You can also add it to cocktails & use it as a replacement in any recipe that calls for Bitters.

Of course, each of the Plant Medicines has so much to them! And were each chosen not only for flavour, but also to support us during this season, during the times we are in. Navigating through big transitions and supporting us in integrating, in visioning ways forward, protecting, SEEING and with clarity & discernment. Moving through life/death/birth cycles & remembering the beauty + true peace, connection, that exists here too. Supporting us as we tend to one another.

WORK WITH OF THE FOREST {FESTIVE BITTERS}: Add a few drops to top your cocktail or mocktail, wherever bitters are called for. This blend is a bit heavier with the glycerine, so it may sink a bit depending on the drink. Add to ginger beer or soda water for a festive non-alcohol drink, garnishing with Fir or Spruce, or an Orange zest. Lovely as a daily bitter tonic 15 minutes before meals if needed, or just when a bigger/heavy meal will be enjoyed <3

INGREDIENTS: Angelica archangelica, Douglas fir, Coastal Mugwort, Orange peel, Burdock, Elderberry, Juniper berry, Allspice, Cardamom, Clove


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