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Flower Essence Trio ~ Joy, Integration, Forgiveness, Inner Child Work, Heart expansion, Ancestral Healing

Flower Essence Trio ~ Joy, Integration, Forgiveness, Inner Child Work, Heart expansion, Ancestral Healing

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Three Flower essences that help awaken & revitalize our minds:bodies:spirits ~ that awaken & enliven us after a long Winter, or deep shadow work. Integration Medicines. Nostalgia Medicines. Forgiving ourselves & others {as ready}, healing, loving, and evoking compassion for all versions of ourselves, for our childhood selves ~ remembering our connection to Source and acting as a conduit for Spirit, rooted in the Earth. A trio embodying hope & renewal, clearing the way for deepened healing.

Contains 3 Flower Essences: Lilac, Trillium & Magnolia

About Each Essence:

Lilac Flower Essence

Lilac is a widely recognized fragrances & bloom. This flower essence will take you back to a time when the World felt perfect, a sense of calm, peace, contentment, joy. A time when even for a breath, a moment, everything was right just just as it was. Presence. There is a sense of awe and trust in each of us, and Lilac may remind us of those feelings. Often evoking memories held of loved ones, sometimes of those who have passed on to other realms. Most of us have some sort of memory with these beings.

On the opposite side to that nostalgia, Lilac may help release us from the past & from trying to control a present situation. Supportive for folks who have lost their playful spirit, have lost their childhood innocence, and has become hardened or overly serious. Sometimes due to trauma, sensitivities & feeling the weight of the World + suffering. May be supportive for folks who are clinging tightly to an old way of being, Lilac helps us to let go of rigidity and control. There may be a sense of grief, or even anger, around a situation or path not going as planned ~ that sense of unmet expectations & lack of being able to control an outcome.

Lilac gifts renewed vitality, openness and zest for life ~ a remembering of what it is to truly see the World through those childlike eyes once again.

Mantra: I AM peace. I radiate flexibility & trust. I am playful. I am safe to express my inner child & curious Nature. I have time to drop in to the present moment & enjoy the simple pleasures of being Human.

Trillium Flower Essence

Ininiiwindibiigegan {Trillium}, also known as Birth Root. Sit with their image, or if you can, in person… the number 3 is a big part of their Medicine. What does this mean to you? How does 3 show up in your life? What lessons is 3 teaching you? Trillium essence holds the Divine, reminders that we are part of a whole, reminders that we are source energy. They hold us through birthing, figuratively & literally. Easing the passageway of bringing forth new energy, new creations, new ways… new versions of ourselves. Abundance. Opening channels for communication with Creation, source energy. Truly, being a vessel for Creator, for universal consciousness & harmony. Traditionally supportive for aiding birth & supporting excess bleeding; in this way I also see them supporting us in discerning where to share our vital force energy, and healing any imbalances held in our Blood, our DNA ~ particularly but not limited to imbalances around birthing children, or our own birth, our Mother’s pregnancy(s).

If you look at Trillium flowers & leaves it is easy to see this spiral pattern of 3’s as well. Helping us to move through cycles, spirally ‘up’ & ‘down,’ ‘clockwise’ & ‘counterclockwise,’ we may call on them for balancing our cycles in whatever way we are moving. Trillium may help us embody a pure Heart + Spirit, acting from a place of authentic expression in remembering our part of the Whole. Working with them if we are feeling disconnected from Life, from our voice, our authentic way of being, our Medicine. Calling on their Medicine to help us navigate the pains of creating new paths, in remembering the ease that is also accessible to us, the Divine.

Some sources say Trillium may also be associated with calling in financial abundance. In sitting in fields of Trillium, I can see this connection ~ they are abundant, blooming for a short time in the Spring {Taurus Season}. They embody this Feminine, Source, Creative energy that holds the infinite & expansive expressions of literally creating Life. We can also direct this to financial supports, to aid us in being able to nourish ourselves, our families, our communities ~ being cared for & sharing that care, in all ways, not just with ‘money.’

Magnolia Flower Essence

Beautiful Magnolia, bursting forth with Cosmic wisdom ~ they began calling a couple Spring’s ago. Their Medicine bringing joy, Heart expansion, hope after a long Winter. Their entire being embodying Beauty, fertility & reminders that we too will Bloom in the right time. To me, they hold the patterns of integrating our past selves. Holding nostalgia & compassion for all of the versions of ourselves, all of the mistakes we’ve made, all of the adversities we’ve overcome, all of the pain, joy, heartbreak, decisions that led us here - in this exact moment in time, to be who we are. Honoring past & current relationships, and our connections with others as well. Instead of grief for the roads not taken, or the mistakes made, Magnolia offers us compassion for who we were, offers us a different perspective that shows us we are on the right path, we are surrounded by Beauty. We *can* trust ourselves, thank our past versions, and integrate those pieces of ourselves into wholeness, now. Supporting us in closing chapters with compassionate love & grace, to be fully present & here in our most aligned self.

I also find Magnolia to be balancing to the Sacral energy centers, or womb {all gender} space. Bringing healing & balance. This makes sense as we hold so much in our Heart + Womb spaces from this lifetime & Ancestrally. We can see how Magnolia may offer grace and sweetness to our Sacral energy centers, embodying that creative vitality that enriches our Life & brings Joy. Creating clear flowing energy between the two Centers. Also clearing any stuck heat or bogginess that may be causing us to feel irritable, easily frustrated, heavy or stuck. Peace.

HOW TO WORK WITH FLOWER ESSENCES: 3-11 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Taken 1-3 times a day, for 3 or 7 days in a row. Notice any shifts, and pay attention to any changes over the 3 or 7 days. If no shifts occur, continue taking for another 3 or 7 days. From there, work with as needed, or during ritual work/meditation/new moon/full moon ceremonies. You can work with these 3 essences together, or individually to get to know them better. {Flower essences are very intuitive Medicines, please feel free to work with them as you feel called <3 To hear more on dosage, see this video on IG} *Stabilized in a base of Brandy + Spring Wate

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