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Four Directions {Ritual} Oil

Four Directions {Ritual} Oil

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Four Directions Oil :: Tree Medicine

Four Directions Oil is a blend of Tree resins gathered around so called North America to offer healing & support. It is one of my favourite Medicines, the fragrance feels like a deep remembering, and being deeply held by the Land. It is one that I make just once a year before the Winter Solstice. This year I added some Coastal Douglas Fir resin gathered along the shores of the Salish Sea.

The Resins, Pitch, of a Tree are protection & healing Medicines. The Tree produces these sacred substances as a way to heal any pathogens, scrapes, cuts that are formed on the Tree. They offer us this healing as well. Anti-microbial, antiseptic, healing to tissues, and protective to our boundaries (including skin, one of our major protectors & largest organ).

This oil is also lovely for chest congestion & lymphatic stagnation, especially supportive during Spring months after a cold/sluggish Winter. Massage over chest & back during a cold + flu with congestion, or over tender lymphatic glands to provide relief. They are also traditionally worked with for healing the skin - eczema, some rashes, and even minor cuts & scrapes. Tree Resin's often also carry anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate blood flow to an area, this may help with rheumatic complaints, sore joints, sore muscles & tension in the Body.

Pine also contains wisdom of opening our vision, pine cones resembling the pineal gland - which helps to balance our hormones as well as opening perceptions & being able to truly SEE the Truth. To expand our consciousness & create harmonious change.

Our Evergreen standing ones offer hope as they stay green all year long, watching over other species & reminding us that there is still Life even amidst the long Winter nights. They hold strength, resiliency, protection and hope in their Medicine. Some species, including Lodgepole Pine, need Fire to reproduce. Also reminding us that even within destruction, there can be new Life & healing - all in attunement with Creation, with Mother Earth.

Four Directions contains lovingly & in Ceremony harvested Ponderosa & Lodgepole Pine Pitch from the Beartooth Mountains in so called Montana, Apsáalooke Land and Coastal Douglas Fir sap from Snuneymuxw territory (West), White Pine needles from Anishinaabe, Huron Wendat & Haudenosaunee Land so called Northern Ontario (North), Norway Spruce from South Eastern Ontario (East), and Piñon Pine from Apache & Pueblos Land so called Arizona (South), as well as Organic Olive Oil.

WORK WITH FOUR DIRECTIONS OIL: Apply just a few drops onto fingertips & massage in any areas of tension, pain, tightness or for minor cuts, scrapes & bruises. May also be worked with for lymphatic stagnation. I like to add just 2-3 drops and massage over any areas I’m feeling need strengthening, extra protection, or soothing energy. Often over my chest to open up my breath & Heart, or over rib cage to help ease tension in the diaphragm/intercostal spaces so that we can fully inhale + exhale & regulate our nervous system.

Ingredients: Ponderosa Pine pitch & Needles, Lodgepole Pine resin, Coastal Douglas Fir Needles, Spruce pitch, White Pine needles, Piñon Pine resin, Organic Olive oil

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