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Ghost Pipe Flower Essence

Ghost Pipe Flower Essence

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Ghost Pipe essence was crafted during a potent Aquarius Full Moon, accompanied by Thunder beings & cleansing Summer Rain. They were between two huge Cedar trees, surrounded by Moss.

I sat with them as the Thunder approached, lightning flashed in the distance, and gentle rain fell. These energies are deeply present in this essence. Spark + purification.

A song was gifted to me, from them, as a way of honoring their Spirit & Medicine. The words will remain close to me, however one stands out: Wabano, Anishinaabemowin for ‘new beginnings.’ Alignment with the Thunder, the purifying energies & the change they may bring. Harmonizing Sky + Earth. Polarities that may exist within us, reminding us of our wholeness & balance that exists when we are in an aligned place.

They feel extra potent for the times we are in, calling forth shifts of conscious & of physical change as well. To me, they help fortify this energy, they help to re-align the nervous system to really be able to FEEL our way through the truth & disharmonies of the times as well. To be able to work with the chaos, not exactly utilizing that energy, more so - being able to find that stability, within & with the Land, Spirit, Water, so that we can take aligned steps forward, action from that place of Harmony. For all of Creation, not just for ourselves.

They grow in little clusters, again, reminding me of the importance of including all of Creation - of Community, and of this alignment with the people we walk with. Letting go, or releasing, people/energies/things/patterns/jobs/relationships, etc. that don’t align with that creative potential & harmonious energy.

This essence was charged with Tourmaline & Apophyllite, and is in a base of Mezcal. That smokiness felt fitting with their energy & this specific essence made during a cloudy, grey evening with Rain.

This essence may also be worked with for healing things that are draining our life force, sucking the life out of us - this can be truly anything from physical to energetic + spiritual. To me, they help heal this energy from within, vs. acting as a shield as some Medicines might do.

They help re-harmonize so that those draining energies just literally can’t exist within or around us. For folks who feel like they are drained, deficient, empty…

They may help us break these patterns that keep us stuck in the same loop, perhaps even helping us create new solutions + ways to move outside of these patterns. Allowing us to see & receive the teachings needed to move forward.

Some say they resemble a spinal cord and brain stem. They do have physical properties that help to relieve pain, in this way, again - attuning our discernment as our nervous system are our ‘feelers.’ We can see that nervous system firing when we remember the lightning that flashed as they were being made, energizing, re-wiring. Diffusing any pent up or harmful energy that may be lingering.

In a way, I see them as helping us to see outside of our current situations. To move towards those new beginnings with a ‘higher’ perspective, with the energy we need


Flower essences are a very intuitive medicine. Typically I suggest 3-7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Taken 1-3 times a day, for 3 to 7 days in a row.

Notice any shifts, and pay attention to any changes over the 3 to 7 days. If no shifts occur, continue taking for another 3 or 7 days. From there, take as needed, or during ritual work/meditation/new moon/full moon ceremonies. Whenever you feel you might need some support. You may also keep them by your bedside for Dream work, as well as add to baths & other elixirs. Experiment, listen

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