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Gingerbread Adaptogenic Electuary

Gingerbread Adaptogenic Electuary

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Gingerbread Adaptogenic {Honey} Electuary 

Seasonal deliciousness paired with Blood & Qi building Plant kin, maybe one of the best combinations ever ~ I have been enjoying it in my coffee, as well as adding to Cacao {Revitalizing Elixir}, or just as a treat off the spoon.

Electuaries are honey based Medicines. They are among my favourite medicines, especially this time of year as they bring reminders of sweetness. Honey also is demulcent, meaning they may add moisture, often times there can be a lot of dryness in the Winter months. This particular electuary combines some potent warming spices to boost circulation within the body, moving stuck & stagnant energies, and increasing blood flow. This is vital for proper functioning of all of our organ systems, ensuring they receive that nourishment from the blood. Also moving energy during Winter months when things may feel a bit sluggish. The Ginger adds warmth, while also supporting balanced digestion ~ again, potentially supporting sluggish gut + digestive health during the Winter months, or time of heavier foods.

With one of my favourite combinations, a potent Traditional Chinese Medicine formula, Astragalus and Codonopsis. I love the taste of both of them so much, to me they just feel like that deep support. You know those Plants that just feel like they are immediately balancing? These are two of them for me. Traditionally they are worked with to boost Qi, Immune function, as well as blood building. I love working with them when feeling low energy, fatigue, lack of vitality, and just overall depleted. They both may also support Spleen energy, digestive system, & TCM Lung meridian, when feeling a lot of stress + grief + worry {which, is completely valid, these Plant kin may support us in holding it, but of course we know systemic changes are needed}.

HOW TO WORK WITH GINGERBREAD ELECTUARY: Enjoy right from the spoon for a daily dose of deliciousness, add a tsp to your coffee, fave warm drink, botanical cocktail or mocktail {think hot toddy}, add to oats + porridge, or anything that calls you ~ get creative! I found my new fave combo for Winter which is Gingerbread Electuary with Revitalizing Cacao Elixir. I also added some to the NEW Coffee Substitute with a splash of coconut milk the other day - yum!

INGREDIENTS: Raw Honey, Ginger, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg, Clove, Molasses

2oz jar

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