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Goldenwort {Hypericum aka St. John's Wort} Salve

Goldenwort {Hypericum aka St. John's Wort} Salve

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Goldenwort Salve

Hypercium, aka St. John’s Wort or Goldenwort, is a beautiful, bright Plant ally with sunshine yellow blooms. Their juice is a garnet, or blood red, and gives this Salve this beautiful colour.

Once the wax cools they change from a bright, rich Red to a Rosy Pink. They are a close & protective ally. Their blood red juice from the buds, comprising mostly of hypericin and other antioxidants. They are one of my favourite protection allies. They not only offer psychic & energetic protection, but they also are a banishing Plant ally.

Physically, the salve is lovely for all things nerve related. They may be helpful for reducing neuralgias, or nerve related pain (think sciatica, carpal tunnel). They also have anti-viral properties and may help with things like: cold sores, herpes, shingles, etc. of viral origin.

Topically, they may also be worked with for bruising & faster healing times. I love them for sciatic pain, or nerve pain in the shoulders/neck as well. They also may have some anti-spasmodic & anti-inflammatory properties. Easing sore + tense muscles, fibromyalgia pains, arthritis, etc.

I work with them to protect my energies, or subtle bodies during intense times, energy work, before holding Ceremony, or even just if I’m feeling sensitive on a particular day. Traditionally, and currently, we hang them in doorways & above beds to ward off ‘bad’ dreams and entities. The salve may hold this boundary & protection aspect as well - lovely before bed for adults & even little ones who may need some extra support during sleep.

While making this Medicine, it was clear that there were Heart lines in the salve, the wax + oil portion, as well as just in the oil themselves. The garnet red of course connects us to Blood, and we can see how this may also tie into the Heart. For this reason I feel this particular batch is especially supportive for the Heart + Womb {Energetic & Physical} space. Offering balancing, healing & boundaries to these vulnerable & potent energy centres. They may also be supportive over the Solar Plexus area.

I work with them this way around my Moon time to offer more energetic protection when I am feeling vulnerable to taking on outside energies. Also beautiful for rubbing over the Heart, or base of the head/neck for Spirit work.

They are also wonderful healers for folks who've had a cesarean section. A few studies have shown their potential in increasing wound healing time, as well as less symptoms while healing after a c-section (topically, over the incision, be sure to speak with your birth worker before applying).

They may help speed wound healing & reduce scaring.

If we begin to understand their threshold Medicine aspect, all of these ways to work with them physically as well as with their Spirit make sense. They hold those thresholds, allowing what needs to cross to cross, and holding boundaries + clearing, what doesn't need access. Strengthening our psychic boundaries & intuition, as well connect to our Blood & these Thresholds within. Lovely for times we may be standing at a crossroads, or threshold, waiting to make that next move... to heal, support, and protect us on our journey.

Work with Goldenwort Salve: Apply as needed to areas of pain/tension, for healing bruises or minor skin eruptions. For energetic protection, apply to areas that feel more vulnerable. May be worked with in Ritual for strengthening solar energies, blood, solar plexus & sacral/womb/heart energy centers.

*Hypericum oil potentially may cause photosensitivity in some folks, especially those prone to burning in the Sun. I haven't seen this often, but it should be noted.

Ingredients: Fresh harvested Hypericum, Organic cold pressed olive oil, organic beeswax

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