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Green Goddexx ~ Spring Nutritive Tonic, Mineralizing + Vitamin rich, Liver Support, Lymphatic moving

Green Goddexx ~ Spring Nutritive Tonic, Mineralizing + Vitamin rich, Liver Support, Lymphatic moving

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A chlorphyll rich blend full of vitamins, minerals & Spring medicines. This blend is so deeply nourishing, like a wake up juice for the Cells. First I gathered Fresh Purslane, Gotu Kola & Nettle to create a potent Oxymel {Honey + Vinegar base}. After infusing for months, I then added the juice of Fresh Cleavers & more fresh Nettle… mmmm. The colour is a gorgeous deep emerald green that becomes a muted green when added to Water. Rich in Chlorophyll which helps to scavenge free radicals & gently detoxify heavy metals from the body, as well as anti-inflammatory.

The perfect Spring & early Summer Tonic. It is slightly sour & just a touch sweet with the added Raw Organic Honey. It is overall anti-inflammatory & cooling to an overheated nervous system + body. It is also a lymphatic support, helping to clear stagnant energy & ensure the smooth flow of lymph.

Supportive for things like supporting the immune system, easing breast tenderness related to hormones, fibroids, mastitis, clearing congestion & bogginess anywhere in the body. It is also a diuretic, again, governing proper water balance ~ as well as gently detoxifying (supporting our body’s innate detoxification pathways). This blend also may enhance cognitive function & cerebral circulation (boost memory, reduce brain fog, etc) with the added Gotu Kola.

Also supportive for boosting overall vitality. Green Goddexx may help to build blood & may aid in tissue healing, including womb + gut + vasculature support. May be balancing to blood glucose levels (as always, see your practitioner or medicine person for serious imbalances). Supporting overall depleted states as well as burnout, and nervous system exhaustion + irritation + frazzled state. Fortifying the body for Spring & Summer.

I love it as is, mixed in a bit of Water 2-3 times per day. It is also delicious added to Lemonade to make an herbal Lemonade, or to Smoothies, or other drinks where a touch of sour may be enjoyed.


Nettle: So much to share about Nettle, and not enough space here. They are sometimes called Nature’s multivitamin. They contain many vitamins & minerals, and are overall tonifying. They help to heal tissues & reduce inflammation. Supportive for womb/uterine healing as a general tonic, as well as other tissues that may be inflamed/leaky/boggy. Nettle may also help reduce seasonal allergies (usually paired with other Plants for this). Also may help balance blood sugar & lower high blood pressure. Also nourishing to the blood, and may be supportive for folks with anemia.

Gotu Kola: A beautiful, lush, food Medicine. They may be supportive for boosting cognitive function, including mental fatigue (burn out), memory problems & brain fog. They are also a beautiful nervine, soothing the nervous system. Supportive again for things like burn out, anxiety, feeling ‘on edge’ or irritable. They are an important Plant kin in Ayurvedic Medicine. A rejuvinative tonic. They may offer balance to our crown energy center as well as Brain {two lobes; balancing right:left; creative:logical; etc}. Gotu Kola also helps to heal & supportive connective tissue, making them beautiful for healthy aging of skin as well as joints, vasculature & hair (scalp).

Purslane: A juicy relative rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They are delicious eaten raw or stir fried, and also lovely made into Medicines. Their juicy-ness (demulcent properties) helps to balance the astringency of Nettle, as well as evokes Yin or feminine nourishment. For dry, hot tissue states & folks. They are also known as a muscle relaxant & anti-inflammatory. Some research shows that Purslane has a higher nutrient profile than some veggies even, high in beta-carotene & Vitamin C, also high in Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium & Phosphorus. Purslane may also reduce excess blood sugar, improve insulin resistance & reduce oxidative stress {more research needs to be done on this topic}.

Cleavers: The quintessential lympathic support ~ clearing the lymphatic system while ensuring smooth flow of lymph. Essential for proper immune function, energy, vitality & overall well being. Cleavers also helps to support detoxification processes, and is known as an alternative herb {blood ‘cleansing’ or purifying}. They help to fortify the Liver as well, an amazing ally in the Spring as we transition from cool/slow/dark Winter months into more movement, energy & light. In traditional Chinese Medicine the Liver is associated with Spring. Often worked with for any imbalances in the Urinary system (Kidneys included).


30-50drops in Water, 2-3x/day or as needed. May also mix into other drinks, tea, smoothies, etc.


Cleavers, Gotu Kola, Purslane, Nettle, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Raw Honey

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