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Green Vitality Nutrative Tonic

Green Vitality Nutrative Tonic

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A deeply nourishing blend of herbs that are high in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals - a perfect everyday green tonic to offer energy, vitality, hormonal support & stress balancing.

Gently supportive for your detoxification pathways, nourishing & tonifying for your entire body. Green Vitality also may support blood building, nourishing your cells with minerals, increasing vitality, hormonal balance & reducing inflammation. Also supportive for nourishing your nervous system & bringing a sense of focused calming energy.

This blend may be supportive for:

<> healthy skin (supports collagen production + detoxification)

<> healthy joints

<> healthy hair + nails + teeth

<> blood building

<> bone supportive

<> anxiety

<> chronic fatigue

<> lack of focus

<> gentle detoxification

<> gentle kidney & liver support

<> boost vitality

<> reduce pre-menstrual cramps & support mood fluctuations


1TBSP Herbs per 12oz boiling water, cover for 20 minutes. Can add more to taste, I like stronger infusions so I use 2TBSP Herbs per 12oz water.

-- OR --

{my preferred method}

Add 1/4 cup of Herbs to a large mason jar, then add 500mL boiling water, let steep, covered for 3 hours. Move infusion to the refrigerator and let steep overnight, drinking 2-3 cups throughout the next 2-3 days.


Nettle is what sometimes referred to as ‘nature’s multivitamin,’ because they contain so many vitamins and minerals. They are a ‘superfood’ that grows in abundance in the Xálish Medicine garden. We lovingly harvest this Nettle in the Spring and early Summer for maximum potency. High in magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, B vitamins, amino acids, folic acid, iron, manganese, and phosphorus. Also rich with oxygenating chlorophyll. Nettle is one of my favourite Plant medicines - even my 4 year old enjoys a good Nettle infusion. Awakening & nourishing all of the cells in our bodies!

Oatstraw is high in silica, calcium, amino acids and is calming to the nervous system, feeding your body from deep within. This beautiful plant helps to bring a sense of calm to an anxious nervous system that operates on overdrive - always worrying, planning, working and rushing around! Oatstraw helps to build strength and resilience from within. They are known as a nervous system tonic <3

Alfalfa is often worked with as a Spring tonic, offering support for all phases of life - and especially helpful for those folks who might be feeling deficient, anaemic, low energy and vitality. Alfalfa helps to restore connective tissue, which can start to break down with age or with inadequate nutrition/stress/inflammation/etc. Alfalfa is a wonderful herb for postpartum as it helps to ensure adequate milk production - known as a galactagoue. They offer a high dose of minerals & easily assimilated nutrients to this tea blend.

Spearmint is a lovely, and delicious Plant friend. Added to this blend to offer some refreshing Mint flavor - lovingly grown by fellow local Herb farmers and is the best tasting Spearmint I've ever had. Spearmint is gently detoxifying and also offers some mood support to combat feelings of anxiety/worry. Spearmint is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. They also may help to reduce excess androgens and balance estrogen, LH & FSH via supporting reducing excess testosterone levels.

Red Clover are a beautiful wildflower that are harvested lovingly in the Summer months. They are known as an ‘alterative,’ helping to clean the blood & support detoxification pathways. They’re also lovely as lympathic support, which may impact our overall immune system & feelings of energy/vitality. Lovely for folks who experience breast tenderness around their moon time. Also may help to increase estrogen levels as they contain phytoestrogens. May help prevent & treat osteoperosis as well as soothe skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

*In Compostable Packaging ~ they are not plastic bags*

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