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Hawthorn Elixir {Grief + Heart Medicine}

Hawthorn Elixir {Grief + Heart Medicine}

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Hawthorn {Ishnim-áashu/Miinensagaawanzh/Sceach gheal} Medicine ♥️ 🌹

Heart Medicine. Vasculature. Lipid balance. Boundaries. Protection. Grief support. Edge walkers. Holders of liminal spaces, birth-life-death cycles. Moving stagnation. Supporting Blood, Heart & Womb {Creative} energy centres.

Hawthorn a close kin for many of us. They are native to numerous places. Many of our Ancestors looked to them for healing, relationship, support. It feels sweet that we can share this connection, this commonality rooted in such potent LOVE & BOUNDARY Medicine.

They also are part of the Rose fam; fitting w their healing & magic. This blend is crafted with so much Love, from freshly gathered Haws (commonly called Hawthorn berries). Potent for Eclipse Season, transitional times, and anytime we are navigating grief, anger, or heart ache. Crafted into a potent Syrup with Organic raw Honey, and blended with Hawthorn tincture for extra Heart Medicine.

Their thorns are long & sharp. Piercing the veil of illusions, veil between worlds, veils we consciously wear when we choose not to SEE. Offering boundary support while creating space for us to open our Hearts, to give & receive authentic, unconditional Creation type Love.

Love that truly creates change ♥️

Helping us to move from our Heart centers. From Love, including for ourselves. Literally healing our Hearts.

They also may support our vasculature system {endothelium}. Impacting our cardiovascular health & overall circulation. Our cells + tissues need Blood, oxygen, to function. 

Hawthorn may help lower blood pressure via various mechanisms, reduce oxidative damage, lower cholesterol levels, support insulin sensitivity & protect the Heart. Ensuring our tissues are nourished, ensuring WE are nourished. They also may act as 1mmun3 modulators & reduce inflammation.

Balancing our Heart, physical + energetic + spiritual, may offer profound protection & healing for many disharmonies:imbalances. 

There is so much more to their Medicine & being


Work with Hawthorn syrup anytime you want to connect with your Heart space, if you are feeling heaviness, grief, or heartbreak. Typically work with 1tsp 2-3x/day or as needed. I love adding to a bit of warm tea, for some sweetness, soothing & good Heart Medicine.

INGREDIENTS: {4oz bottle}

Fresh Haws, Dried Haws (aka berries), Hawthorn tincture (grain free alcohol), Spring Water, Love

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