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Heart Berry tea blend

Heart Berry tea blend

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Heart Berry Tea 

30g compostable bags

A really beautiful blend of so many of my favourite Heart & nervous system Medicines. Moving beyond the physical Heart to the Spirit, and energetic Heart. With stunning reds, pinks, and greens coming through. 

The star of the blend ~ Heart Berry {Strawberry} holds this Medicine together. Offering some gentleness to our Hearts, this blend is more mild flavour and the tartness of the Berries + Lemon Balm comes through. Linden & Lemon Balm are both calming Plant kin, soothing our nervous system, and 'gladdening the Spirit.' Helping us remember joy, even amidst grief. Linden adds moistening qualities, and remembering the sweetness of Life.

Damiana is added as an herb to help increase feelings of sensuality, and relaxation. They are a calming Plant ally. Damiana helps to connect us to our passions, and what we desire in this lifetime. Collectively as well. Damiana also acts on the nervous system to help ease tension & stress - acting more as a toning nervine rather than a sedative. Damiana may also be worked with to increase visioning & astral travel, opening our perceptions to realms of possibility.

Cinnamon is added to bring some warmth and move blood, supporting circulation and our Hearts, as well as abundance.

Cardamom is a favourite to also remember joy, while also reducing anxiety. And just adds a beautiful flavour to this Medicine.

Licorice may also help soothe the nervous system, while helping to mitigate the impacts of chronic stress that come with living within these systems. They add some demulcent qualities as well as sweetness.

I like to let steep for a longer amount of time (20ish min) to really develop the subtle flavours.

Overall a blend to help fortify & sustain us, to hold us, to remind us to keep going & keep showing up in all the ways we are called 🌹

INGREDIENTS: Rose, Damiana, Hawthorn Flower & Leaf, Linden, Lemon Balm, Licorice root, Rosehips, Dried Strawberry, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cacao Nibs


2-3 tsp per 8-10oz of just boiled Water. Steep 15-20+minutes. Sweeten as needed, or enjoy as is!


Whenever you feel called to some love & heart medicine, soothing the nervous system and bringing some anxiety relief. Lovely for an evening ritual to connect with yourself, and come back to your Heart {*A very small amount of caffeine in the Cacao nib, so some folks may prefer to drink earlier in the day}


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