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Heart + Womb Electuary with Schisandra, Shatavari adaptogens, Rose & Ginger

Heart + Womb Electuary with Schisandra, Shatavari adaptogens, Rose & Ginger

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Heart + Womb {creative energy centres} Electuary is honey based offering with Schisandra, Rose, Shatavari & Ginger powders. Helping to move stuck or stagnant energy held in our bodies, especially in the Heart or Womb space. Supporting Liver & TCM Kidney, potentially balancing hormones & connecting us to our Hearts, womb/lower energy centers, creative potential & inspiration. Vitality.

The taste is quite unique in that Schisandra, a Plant kin native to China, Eastern Russia & Korea, is sometimes known as the 5 flavour fruit. It contains all 5 flavours: salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter. And really comes through in this honey, balanced with the sweetness of the honey itself. The Rose & Ginger also come through to bring balance.

Schisandra & Shatavari are both Adaptogenic plant kin, meaning, they may help to support our bodies during stress {ahem, life?}. Helping to balance cortisol & bring us back into harmony when indicated.

Schisandra help to nourish the Liver, Heart & Kidney in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acting as a Qi tonic. Supporting overall vitality, and acting as an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs can be worked with to help us *feel,* to enliven & awaken pleasure, our senses & creativity. Schisandra offers potent support to the entire nervous system.

Shatavari is an Adaptogen with a strong affinity for the female & male reproductive systems. There is research suggesting that Shatavari can enhance fertility, as well as increase one’s ability to handle stress. I think of their Medicine as not just enhancing physical fertility, but also our ability to Create. To heal our Sacral + Root energetic centres.

Rose is of course a quintessential Heart Medicine. Supporting us through grief, through keeping our Hearts open yet protected after loss, after difficult experiences, or anytime we feel ourselves hardening our Hearts. They are healing & supportive to our maternal lineages especially.

Ginger is added in a balanced amount to help support movement, circulation & bring warmth to the body. To the gut & womb.

Electuaries are honey based Medicines crafted with herbal powders. They are a potent medicine that are thicker in consistency than an infused honey as the powders stay in the formula & are part of the Medicine.They can enjoyed right off of the spoon, mixed into warm Coconut milk for an herbal latte, in hot water as a ‘tea,’ or warmed and drizzled over Strawberries & Cacao. Yum!!

HOW TO WORK WITH HEART + WOMB ELECTUARY: Enjoy directly off the spoon for a yummy treat! Add to hot water as an Herbal drink, or mix with a Coconut milk for latte. Can also add to foods that would go well with the flavors.

INGREDIENTS: Schisandra, Rose, Shatavari, Ginger, Raw local Honey

2oz jar

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