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Interstellar Starseed 2.0 Tulsi Blue Butterfly Flower Cosmic Honey

Interstellar Starseed 2.0 Tulsi Blue Butterfly Flower Cosmic Honey

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Interstellar {Tulsi + Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Honey} // 2oz Jar

Interstellar is an enchanting cosmic purple honey infused with Tulsi & Blue Butterfly Pea Flower. Expanding our consciousness, strengthening intuition & opening up our ability to perceive. Visioning.

Burdock root is a lovely Plant ally for helping us to Root into our dreams, into who we are. They can help us to really Ground & take in all the change we have gone through. They may help us to integrate the shifts that we personally & collectively have been navigating.

Potent Medicines for awakening our third eye energy space, or pineal gland. Beautiful dream time allies for helping us deepen into our dreams and receive guidance, downloads & remember our dreams.

Tulsi is a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine with thousands of years of being worked with. A delicious Medicine that may help support cognitive function, as well as calming + reducing anxiety. I find they help me to feel relaxed, yet, focused & clear. They are also known as a potent longevity tonic.

Tulsi is also a Heart protective Medicine. Lifting the Spirits; calming the mind while connecting us to our bodies. May help reduce anxiety & bring joy to the Spirit. Connecting us with that Cosmic expansion, euphoric embodiment. May help to aid sleep, as well as act as an aphrodisiac, opening to the beauty + pleasure of being. Of feeling. Opening & moving from Love. Rising again each day, hope, renewal.

For Star seeds, Star kin {remember the Sun is a Star too, Fam - says the Leo lol} & folks who feel that sense of home + belonging when looking up at the night sky. Helping us to vision, and receive clarity on our path, seeing.

WORK WITH INTERSTELLAR: Work with this delicious creation anytime you feel called to connect. You can enjoy directly from the spoon, or drizzle over fruit, your fave porridge, nuts, etc. I love to add a small spoonful to Green Tea for an afternoon treat & focus.

INGREDIENTS: Tulsi, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, Blue Butterfly Pea powder, Raw Honey


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