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Lilac + Coastal Fir tip Honey

Lilac + Coastal Fir tip Honey

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Lilac + Coastal Fir tip Honey {2oz}

Feelings of joy, hope & Spring renewal in a jar. These two Plant kin that just work SO beautifully together, especially in Honey. A few years ago I started working with them together, and have been so in love. This year I wasn’t sure if they’d be ready in time for this update, I was so happy that they both were abundant for harvest to share this year!

This honey has a subtle flavor, there is extra sweetness from the Lilac, though it isn’t overly floral. The Coastal Douglas Fir tips offer just a hint of citrus & evergreen Medicine taste. It is definitely a bit astringent, suggesting it may be helpful for healing tissues, tightening mucosa (think ulcers, leaky gut, womb/uterine healing, inflammation, etc). Fir tips are also high in Vitamin C & other immune supportive constituents.

May be supportive both topically & internally. I love adding to my tea, or with clay for a softening + skin supportive face mask.

They come together to just remind us of the Beauty & growth that surrounds us ~ Spring, hope, renewal. You can also eat it directly off the spoon, drizzle over some coconut ice cream, oats, add to some Soda water for a sparkling herbal drink, or add to your fave tea! Really you can work with it any way you’d work with regular honey.

Ingredients: Fresh Coastal Douglas Fir tips, Fresh Lilac blossoms, Raw Local Honey, Spring Sea breezes & Renewal

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