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Lilac Elixir {Syrup}

Lilac Elixir {Syrup}

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This gorgeous Lilac elixir tastes exactly how you would think a Lilac syrup would taste, it embodies Lilac so beautifully! I really love how it turned out, and especially the colour with added Blue Butterfly pea flower for some colour changing magic when an acidic liquid is added to the syrup (like Lemon :)). *Comes in bottle shown with Xálish label

Lilacs evoke so many memories for so many of us, nostalgia, Spring renewal, hope, inner child healing, sweetness of Life.

There is a sense of awe and trust in each of us, and Lilac may remind us of those feelings. Often evoking memories held of loved ones, sometimes of those who have passed. Most of us have some sort of memory with these beings. A sense of play-fullness and joy.

Lilac may help release us from the past if we are feeling stuck there, integrating vs. holding tightly. Supportive for folks who may have forgotten their playful spirit, that awe & curiosity of our inner child, in the daily responsibilities of life. For someone who has become hardened or overly serious. Sometimes due to trauma, sensitivities & feeling the weight of the world + suffering. Helping us to remember we can grow, heal, through joy, through play too. To remember the awe of being Human that sustains and fortifies us to keep going, to be in our Medicine. To protect life & honour all life here. Remembering the Magic.

It is so so delicious as a Lemonade, but you can also mix it with other drinks for herbal mocktails, or even cook + bake with it!

Stir for the magic! Can add to other drinks + foods, experiment :)



Fresh Lilac flowers, Butterfly pea flowers, Spring Water, Raw Honey


Fill glass with ice (if desired), fill with 10oz Spring water, plus 2 TBSP of Lilac syrup, lastly add 1-3TBSP fresh Lemon juice {to desired taste, some people like more sour or more sweet}. Sub sparkling water for a sparkling Lilac Lemonade.

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