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Lilac Flower Essence

Lilac Flower Essence

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Lilac Flower Essence

Lilac is a widely recognized fragrances & bloom. This flower essence will take you back to a time when the World felt perfect, a sense of calm, peace, contentment, joy. A time when even for a breath, a moment, everything was right just just as it was. Presence. There is a sense of awe and trust in each of us, and Lilac may remind us of those feelings. Often evoking memories held of loved ones, sometimes of those who have passed on to other realms. Most of us have some sort of memory with these beings. A sense of play fullness and joy.

Lilac may help release us from the past & from trying to control a present situation. Supportive for folks who may have forgotten their playful spirit, that awe & curiosity of our inner child, in the daily responsibilities of life. For someone who has become hardened or overly serious. Sometimes due to trauma, sensitivities & feeling the weight of the World + suffering. Helping us to remember we can grow, heal, through joy, through play! To remember the awe of being Human.

Lilac essence may be supportive for folks who are clinging tightly to an old way of being, helping us to let go of rigidity and control. There may be a sense of grief, or even anger, around a situation or path not going as planned ~ that sense of unmet expectations & lack of being able to control an outcome.

Lilac gifts renewed vitality, openness and zest for life ~ a remembering of what it is to truly see the World through those childlike eyes once again.

Mantra: I AM peace. I radiate flexibility & trust. I invite in Play. I am safe to express my inner child & curious Nature. There is time time to drop in to the present moment & enjoy the simple pleasures of being Human.

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Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy, Flower essence of Lilac


Take 3 drops under the tongue, or in water, as needed. You can choose to work with the Essence for 3-7 days in a row, taking note of any changes or shifts. Taking a break, and then resuming as needed. I usually recommend keeping a dream journal during your time connecting with a new Plant. Flower essences are intuitive medicines, so please feel free to work with them in the ways that call you.

*Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine, they typically do not contain physical constituents of the Plant. They contain the patterns, energy, imprints of the Plant suspended in Nibi/Water. They may be combined & worked with with other flower essences as well. Let your intuition guide.

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