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LOVE Bundle ♥

LOVE Bundle ♥

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Love Bundle

Limited small batch bundle ~ for our Hearts, love, for grief & remembering sweetness + beauty. For nervous system support & nourishment. For pleasure, nurturing our creative energy centers & joy

A special bundle crafted to embody all things LOVE. Love of Self, of others, of Ancestors, Love of Creation. A bundle that I hope kindles the spark of compassion & sweetness within, that reminds you of your Beauty and belonging here. That holds your Hearts tenderly, even on the really hard days. Honouring self love & tending to one another with care. Love that uplifts and roots us

BUNDLE INCLUDES 7 Heart Medicines:
Two hand crafted Cacao Rose Marshmallows {Schisandra with Maple Cacao & homemade Hibiscus Rose Marshmallows}, fresh Nootka Rose infused Oil, Revitalizing Cacao Rose Elixir, Átawit {Love} Potion, Heart + Womb Electuary, Heart Berry Tea, Divine Heart Oxymel, and a few blooms of dried Lavender & Cedar. *Please note the chocolate is packaged in a little truffle box, if you live in a very warm place the chocolate could potentially melt during shipping. Also note these hand dipped homemade Marshmallows are not perfect ;) they may not be perfect squares, and some of them have the beautiful chocolate bloom (marbled, or spotted) effect due to the moisture of the Marshmallows & temperature fluctuations. All very, very yummy, but just a heads up 🌹

Many of the Medicines in this bundle have Heart opening, calming & healing properties. They also carry Heart + energetic protection, reminding us that our boundaries are also Sacred. Love is abundant & infinite, AND, our boundaries are a part of that bundle. A part of love.

Many of the Plants are also aphrodisiacs, and/or support smooth flow of Blood in the Body. Aphrodisiacs of course may evoke arousal, but we can broaden that arousal to mean more of an awakening & excitement to engage with Life ~ with all of Creation. Intimacy within all of our relationships, including ourself & interspecies kin. With pleasure & our senses. With our bodies in whatever way they show up for us. Warming & balancing our Heart centers and Sacral energy centers {womb/centers of creation}.

The handcrafted Marshmallows were made with so much love & tenderness. They were made over days of intention, started on the Leo Full Moon. They are a labor of love, and so much healing was put into them. True alchemy ~ mixing of separate medicines, textures, colours to come together to make delicious treats.

These Cacao Marshmallows are made with Hibisucus, Rose, and Marshmallow Root and sweetened with raw Honey. They're then topped with hand crafted Schisandra Cacao, sweetened with Maple syrup. Then topped with Rose and Pink salt. Keep in mind shape + size varies as they are hand rolled + dipped/hand bundled by me {and I'm not a confectioner ;) but I love crafting these small batch delicious treats to share}


Átawit {love} Potion:: 

Ingredients: Schisandra Berry, Rose, Hawthorn, Damiana, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sarsaparilla, Raw Organic Honey, {small amount of gluten free alcohol}

Átawit {love} potion is an herbal elixir mix that is meant to serve as a base to create your own botanical mocktails/cocktails at home!

A delicious potion created to connect you to your Heart, your Body, and your Spirit. Crafted on a Friday during Imbolc, evoking Venus energies & stirrings of new beginnings. This Potion may help you awaken & uncover what has been asleep. Holding your Heart through grief, and remembering JOY, while we navigate birthing change. Remembering those Creative energies & that spark of Creation within.

Átawit may hold our Hearts during difficult times, as well as support discernment in boundaries.Schisandra holding clarity & clear, aligned Vision. They also support Liver energies as an adaptogenic Plant kin. Átawit is also an aphrodisiac, deepening sensuality and (re)connecting us to centers of pleasure & creation - evoking a sense of joy, pleasure & connection. Aprodisiacs also may help to stimulate blood flow, removing any stagnation or feelings of 'being stuck.'

This Elixir may also (re)connect you to your creative centers, allowing your gifts & creations to flow with ease. Creating space for divine connection to others, ourselves, and all of Creation, by helping to remove blockages that may be holding us back from truly experiencing deep love & affection, from ourselves as well. Supporting in sharing our Medicine & Creativity. This Love Potion was created to help us all enjoy and remember sweetness, pleasure & beauty of Life.

For an alcohol free mocktail: mix 1oz of Átawit with Ginger Beer or Sparkling Water. Top with your favourite bitters. For a warm version, add 1oz of this blend to warm water, and stir with a cinnamon stick.

For a spirited version: mix .5-1oz of this elixir to 2oz of your favorite Bourbon, or Rhum, and top with Ginger Beer and an Orange Peel twist. 

Divine Heart Oxymel ::

Ingredients: Hawthorn Flower, Leaf & Berry, Wild Rose, Agrimony, Wild Strawberry Flower Essence, Apple Cider Vinegar (a member of the Rose family!), and Raw Organic honey

Divine Heart was created to sooth our Collective Hearts & bring feelings of deep Love & Connection. Comprised of all Rose family Plant Medicines. This enchanted Medicine is all Heart + Boundaries.

Connecting you to your Heart space, your organ of perception, your Spirit... so that you may walk with your Heart forward on your highest path, with lifted Spirits & joy in your entire being. Rose family medicines also offering protection. Both Rose + Hawthorn having thorns to protect us on our Earth walk, and in living from our Hearts. Big Boundary Medicine. Rose also offering protection from harmful entities, energies or actions.

Work with Divine Heart during times of grief, break ups, transitions, heart ache, trauma, for feelings of overwhelm due to the state of the World, for activism, for those who feel they don’t belong, for all beings … you are LOVED. May this Medicine hold your Heart with gentleness & remind you of the beauty & love that surrounds you, even in the hardest of times. To connect you with your Heart during times of transition, confusion or times where you are looking for intuitive guidance, plant spirit communication or clarity.

Work with Divine Heart: 2-3 droppersful, 2-3x per day, or as needed. Directly in mouth or in a bit of Water. Can also add this to spritzers for some Love Medicine & a bit of sweet/tart flavour! 

Heart Berry Tea ::

Ingredients: Rose, Damiana, Hawthorn Flower & Leaf, Linden, Lemon Balm, Licorice, Rosehips, Dried Raspberry, Dried Strawberry, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cacao Nibs

This tea was so much fun to make! It’s so beautiful, with the reds, pinks & greens coming through. More Heart Medicines, and the Star ~ Heart Berry {Strawberry} with Raspberry as well. Offering some gentleness to our Hearts, this blend is more mild flavour and the tartness of the Berries + Lemon Balm comes through. Cinnamon is added to bring some warmth and move blood, supporting circulation and our Hearts, as well as abundance. Cardamom & Lemon Balm to remember joy and reduce anxiety. Linden to moisten and remember sweetness of Life. Licorice may also help soothe the nervous system and they add some demulcent qualities as well as sweetness.

I like to let steep for a longer amount of time (20ish min) to really develop the subtle flavours.

Work with Heart Berry Tea: 2-3 tsp per 8-10oz of just boiled Water. Steep 15-20+minutes. Sweeten as needed, or enjoy as is!

Revitalizing Elixir ROSE Special Edition

Ingredients: Raw Organic Cacao powder, Cocoa powder, Shatavari, Ashwaganda, Chaga, Lucuma, Coconut Milk powder, Rose, Cinnamon

A special Cacao elixir with a hint of Rose! The Rose is not overpowering but subtle. This nourishing blend of Adaptogens & Cacao is meant to offer support, sustained energy, and Ritual to your day. Helping to balance stress, cortisol levels, and offer deep vitality to your being. Adaptogens are plants that help our bodies adapt to stress - stress can range from chronic energy depletion from a stressful job, traffic, children, illness to just everyday stress that comes from living a busy lifestyle. They remind our bodies that we can breathe, they help to nourish us from within, and bring us back to Harmony. Each Adaptogen is unique, but generally, they help our bodies cope with stress from deep within.

Work with Revitalizing you want a nourishing & grounding medicine. Can be added to rituals to ground + vision. For best results it is helpful to work with at least 3x a week as Adaptogens tend to work better over long periods of time. You will start to notice their effects the longer & more regularly you work with them. Of course, each person is unique and each Adaptogen is unique as well.

Work with Revitalizing Elixir: 1-2TBSP per 12 oz of preferred liquid, I find it best with coconut or other nut milks (or regular milk). I also love half coffee, half coconut milk for an Adaptogenic Mocha. You can also add to smoothies, granola, pancakes, date + seed bites, etc

Fresh Nootka Rose Infused Oil roller bottle ::

This one is so special, as they all are! But this is one that I've been sitting with for awhile, wondering when and how they'd like to be shared. As I was sitting with this bundle, they came up clearly. Made from fresh Nootka Rose petals gathered at the Summer Solstice, with such care & tenderness. Infused in Organic Olive Oil. The scent is very subtle, I like to roll some into my hands & rub them together to warm up the volatile oils, then cup over my face to breathe in their fragrance + Medicine.

You can massage them over anywhere that needs some extra love, or tension relief. Rose is deeply healing. They are beautiful topically for inflammation, burns, minor cuts or scrapes, and bringing that protection energy as well. 

Schisandra + Rose Cacao covered Marshmallows ::

Ingredients: Raw Cacao Paste, Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Schisandra, Organic Maple Syrup, Pink Salt; Hibiscus, Rose, Marshmallow root, Organic gelatin, raw Organic Honey, Spring Water

These delicious chocolate treats really speak for themselves ~ I typically craft truffles but felt called to combine the soft fluffy homemade Hibiscus Rose Marshmallows with the dark, sweet, bitter Cacao. Pulling together various Medicines featured in this bundle like Cacao, Rose & Schisandra, to connect us to our Hearts, Pleasure & Joy. Just being. Embodying presence. They are hand made, cut, and dipped, so expect variations in size and shape :) Just like us. The chocolate on some may have a bit of a marbled effect, very yummy, just differences in temperatures and how the chocolate has dried.

Keep refrigerated or cool. Leave out to warm for 30-1hr before enjoying to soften the chocolate a bit and bring out some of the flavours :)

Heart + Womb Electuary {Herbal Honey} ::

Ingredients: Schisandra, Rose, Shatavari, Ginger, Raw local Honey

Heart + Womb {creative energy centres} Electuary is honey based offering with Schisandra, Rose, Shatavari & Ginger powders. Helping to move stuck or stagnant energy held in our bodies, especially in the Heart or Womb space. Supporting Liver & TCM Kidney, potentially balancing hormones & connecting us to our Hearts, womb/lower energy centers, creative potential & inspiration. Vitality.

The taste is quite unique in that Schisandra, a Plant kin native to China, Eastern Russia & Korea, is sometimes known as the 5 flavour fruit. It contains all 5 flavours: salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter. And really comes through in this honey, balanced with the sweetness of the honey itself. The Rose & Ginger also come through to bring balance.

Schisandra & Shatavari are both Adaptogenic plant kin, meaning, they may help to support our bodies during stress {ahem, life?}. Helping to balance cortisol & bring us back into harmony when indicated.

Schisandra help to nourish the Liver, Heart & Kidney in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acting as a Qi tonic. Supporting overall vitality, and acting as an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs can be worked with to help us *feel,* to enliven & awaken pleasure, our senses & creativity. Schisandra offers potent support to the entire nervous system.

Shatavari is an Adaptogen with a strong affinity for the female & male reproductive systems. There is research suggesting that Shatavari can enhance fertility, as well as increase one’s ability to handle stress. I think of their Medicine as not just enhancing physical fertility, but also our ability to Create. To heal our Sacral + Root energetic centres.

Rose is of course a quintessential Heart Medicine. Supporting us through grief, through keeping our Hearts open yet protected after loss, after difficult experiences, or anytime we feel ourselves hardening our Hearts. They are healing & supportive to our maternal lineages especially. Ginger is added to bring warmth, and circulation.

This bundle is meant to be enjoyed & worked with however feels most aligned. In ritual as an experience, or throughout the week, the day, the month when you feel called to a certain Medicine. These offerings were created to (re)connect us back to our Hearts. To root us into LOVE & know we embody love. It is always present. Drop into your Heart space if that feels aligned, thinking of a time where you felt that infinite universal, Creation type Love. Where you felt your Heart expanded, where you felt joy, connection & peace. Sit there. Hold that & honour that moment. It is within you, not outside of you. Working with these Medicines will hopefully be a delicious journey ~ each was made to be delicious & sensual. Connecting us to our Hearts, Love that sustains and fortifies us, Love of the Earth, one another, and feeling + receiving this care & Love as well. I love the Truffles with the the Heart Berry tea and a little self massage with the Rose oil, but feel free to play & experiment with what calls you! 


Clear your space with the Cedar & Lavender, burning while you're making your bath or shower and/or while you are in the bath to clear any stagnant or heavy energies {working with protocols & ways that resonate with you}.

Run a warm bath or shower, infusing love + intentions + dreams + feelings of what you are calling in AND what you are currently grateful for as the water runs. Light some candles, giving gratitude to the Fire & asking the Fire to burn all that no longer aligns while also inviting that warmth + spark to catalyze your Intentions.

Craft a drink with Átawit or Heart Berry Tea to bring with you to the Bath or shower. As you’re making it, envision yourself wrapped in Love ~ see if you can hold this & extend it out into your environment too. To all kin, human and more than human.

Massage some of the Rose Oil onto any areas that are calling for some extra Love. Knowing you are deeply held, cared for, and Loved <3 Always. Allowing any visions that may come up, to be present ~ noticing any sensations, any pleasure, any joy that comes to your Spirit. Just BEING with yourself.

If you feel called to extend this Love & Warmth out to Creation, to the Collective, to all kin human & more than human you may choose to. After your bath or shower, just noticing any parts of your body that are calling for tenderness. Calling on those Plant kin for protection & working with Divine Heart to bring in those boundaries + grief support. Maybe ending the ritual with a cup of Revitalizing Rose Cacao, or a Marshmallow(s) while journalling any insights/intuitive guidance that came.  

Be sure to pay attention to your dreams while working with these Medicines. {Can be modified to create this Ritual for someone else, or with someone else as well for a co-created intimate experience}

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