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Magnolia Flower Oxymel {heart expansion, joy, integration, allergies, digestion, anxiety support}

Magnolia Flower Oxymel {heart expansion, joy, integration, allergies, digestion, anxiety support}

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Magnolia Oxymel is a favourite seasonal Medicine, holding us as we near the Summer Solstice. Their Medicine bringing joy, Heart expansion, a sense of renewal after long periods of internal energies. Embodying beauty, fertility {creative energy} & reminders that we too will bloom in time. They may help support low mood through reminding us to welcome joy if it arrives, their taste is so delicious! Slightly gingery, sweet, it is hard to describe, but once you taste it it's like a remembering. The colour is this gorgeous Rose Gold, infused over 2 Moon cycles.

The Medicine is one of sweetness as well, of love ~ of remembering our ancient Star origins while anchoring here on Earth. It is hope & renewal. Especially when it feels impossible, or difficult to access, I find we are all so enamoured with Magnolia flowers. They existed before the bees, reminding us of our ancient origins as well, emergence, navigating massive change + shifts. They bring so much awe every year, their magnificent pink flowers bursting forth from the Standing ones (Trees), reminding us that we also will bloom in divine timing. 

Physically Magnolia is gently warming & moving, moving stuck or stagnant energy held in our bodies or energies. They may help to reduce feeling of stress & worry, while lifting our Spirit.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the flowers are known as Xin yi hua. They work on the Stomach & Lung meridian, which again makes sense with their ability to help move stagnation, warmth & lift sadness. Helping bring clarity by removing any dampness/bogginess causing fogginess. The bark is also worked with, though not much of the bark was added to this blend, mostly the Flowers.

May also help clear sinus headaches as well as offer some support during colds + flus, and seasonal allergies. It makes sense with their gingery flavour, warming, stagnation moving & dispelling damp nature.

You can work with them in a variety of ways ~ either daily for their medicinal properties & connection, or you can work with them in herbal drinks/lemonades/with ginger soda to make delicious herbal mocktails!

So grateful to share this one again this year <3


15-30 drops directly in the mouth, or in a small amount of Water. Can also add more (2-3tsp) to sparkling soda, Elderflower soda, etc. to make a yummy herbal cocktail (with or without alcohol, would pair nicely with Bourbon, Peach liquor or Gin). Can also drizzle over desserts, or mixed into teas. Play! Experiment! See how their Medicine moves you & calls you to create <3


Freshly harvested Saucer Magnolia, Star Magnolia, Raw Organic Honey, Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

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