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Makwa {Cottonwood Bud + Birch } Salve Muscle ache relief, protection + chest rub

Makwa {Cottonwood Bud + Birch } Salve Muscle ache relief, protection + chest rub

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Makwa: Cottonwood Bud {Balm of Gilead} Minigin with Bear Grease + Birch Bark + Meadowsweet + Ponderosa Pine Pitch

One of my favourite blends of all time ~ I keep a jar of this with me & in multiple rooms around the house. We work with it for everything from scrapes, bruises, lymphatic congestion (colds + flus + stagnation), protection, easing pain + tension in the body, to the more Spiritual aspect of grounding and helping to reconnect with Spirit. A favourite. {It's a softer salve, which is how I like them but if you want something that isn't oily this may not be your fave}

Makwa means Bear in Anishinaabemowin - this balm honours the Land where this Medicine was first made made & the Land where the Cottonwood buds are harvested {Montana Beartooth Mountains - Apsaalooke territory} as well as my little one, Bear, who joined us from the Stars.

Truly an all purpose balm as mentioned above - lending it's powerful Medicine to: coughs, chest congestion, scrapes, cuts, muscle pain, muscle aches, tension & swollen lymph nodes. I've worked with it externally around the ear & neck when my little one had an ear infection (always see your practitioner as needed), and it cleared up overnight.

The Plant Medicines in Makwa contain powerful anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial medicines, as well as contain pain reliving properties.

Makwa embodies Bear Medicine. The path of the Plant Medicine person ... the Earth keepers who tend to the Land & their own Earth bodies. Bear Medicine calls for protection, nourishment, playfulness & nurturing. They remind us to walk in Harmony, to not take too much, to carry balance, respect our relations & to rest as needed.

Cottonwood Trees were the first Tree Spirit I ever spoke with, and this Medicine is infused with the intention that they will also help open your gates of perception for deeper Plant Spirit Communication. The Cottonwood Buds are lovingly gathered in the Mountains in the liminal space between Winter + Spring, as we move from Bear Medicine to Eagle Medicine. They carry these two energies, as well as the ability to vision.

Work with Makwa: Rub this salve over any aches, pain, or tension in your body. So much relief! Wonderful as a chest rub for congestion + cough or over the neck for sore throats. So amazing for sick little ones, so calming too.

Rub this balm over your heart space to feel infinite heart Expansion, Love, and a feeling of Connection with all that is. For remembering. Rub over the soles of your feet to walk on the Land in a good way, and to call in protection & grounding. Rub between your eyes, to increase visioning and communicate with the Spirit world. Or, massage anywhere you feel you need to release some tension & bring healing <3

Ingredients: Montana Cottonwood Bud, Ontario Birch Bark, Montana Ponderosa Pine Pitch, Home grown Pink Meadowsweet, Organic Beeswax, Organic cold pressed Olive Oil, Reverence + Deep Gratitude

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