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Matriarch Flower Essence

Matriarch Flower Essence

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Matriarch Flower Essence

Holding us as we hold so many, as we remember. Stepping into who we are fully, and remembering our gifts here. Bringing Protection medicine. Matriarch essence is a blend of Plant kin to support us on our journey. To hold our Hearts, to heal versions of ourselves & integrate all of the lessons we have earned over the years. So that we may carry these lessons in an embodied way here, putting them into action + practice.

A blend of Wild Rose, Wild Ginger, Oat, Magnolia, Blue cohosh, Yarrow, and Sweetgrass.

Plant kin to support the Heart + Womb/Sacral {creative energy, pelvic} centres. Matriarch is for all genders, for awakening that Yin energy, and coming from our Hearts. Restoring vitality & creative energy through our sacral energy centre.

Walking in the footsteps of our well Ancestors, carrying this wisdom in our blood + bones, to bring healing + harmony. Awakening our inner protector, nuturer & stewards of the Earth.

Awakening & calling energy to our creative nature, our ability to birth new life ~ whether that is through art, or writing, or play, or stepping further into ourselves, or creating a life we feel aligned with. Allowing ourselves to be open to receive guidance & take action … creating space & fertile ground for ALL of our dreams {individual & collective} to be nurtured & grow. A deeply grounding Flower Essence, heightened by the Taurus energies ~ helping us to be reminded we are Nature embodied, we are not separate from the Earth. Lovely when energies feel floaty, spacey or swirly ~ gently Rooting us & grounding so that we may walk forward with this love, harmony & beauty.


3-7 drops under the tongue, or in water - as needed

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