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Memories of the Womb (Moontime + Womb healing herbal remedy)

Memories of the Womb (Moontime + Womb healing herbal remedy)

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Memories of the Womb {Moon time/PMS Support/all gender} Tincture

Memories of the Womb is a beautiful formula for supporting tension held in the womb {creative energy center}, cramping, grief & tonifying the uterus. For Moon time (pre-during menstruation) support, for loss, for heavy periods, for postpartum support. Some of these Plant kin have also been worked with to help with a threatened miscarriage {always seeking support, knowledge keepers, practitioners as well}. I love pairing this one with the Blood building elixir as well. 

Memories of the Womb may offer physical, as well as emotional + spiritual support, knowing all is woven together and cannot be separated. For physical uterus, as well as energetic creative centres & pelvic bowls.

Many of these Medicines may help to relieve tension, or pain, held in the womb. Releasing. Easing. May be supportive for menstrual cramps, or, cramping that may come with a pregnancy loss. As well as the emotional tenderness, irritability and/or grief that comes with bleeding sometimes.

Of course, may be worked with anytime, not just during those windows, as a tonifying formula. Supporting balanced blood flow, tonifying the uterus, and gently lifting the Spirit + supporting Mood.

Black Haw & Wild Yam are a combo I have worked with many times to help relieve menstrual cramps (With a history of endometriosis, my cramps used to be really intense, these two would lesson the pain substantially. Of course, everyone is different & may react differently to the Plants).

Yarrow, Rose & Cinnamon are a potent trio. Warrior Medicines. Maternal Lineage Healing. Truly, healers Medicines {wounded healers medicines?}. Boundaries. Holding that support & protection of vulnerable spaces, especially when we are feeling open. Tender. They hold us.

They are also quite astringent, helping to tonify tissues (ex. bogginess in uterus, dampness, heaviness, or postpartum helping to tighten tissues) as well as stop heavy flow of Blood. They are also Ancestral Medicines for many of us.

Partrigeberry is one that is often traditionally worked with for supporting moon time, especially cramping & offering tonification. They came up strongly over the last couple of years. A bright green, vibrant Plant kin that is even green under the snow. Vital. With bright red berries.

White Peony Root is another I add to this blend for more Ancestral healing & relaxing the smooth muscle of the uterus if there is any cramping, they also contain phytoestrogens which may help modulate estrogen levels. White Peony also may help boost circulating serotonin levels & ease depression. Lifting the Spirit. Slight antispasmodic (relaxing) effects. Rose + Pomegranate offering some of that grief support as well.

Overall this Medicine is one that may be supportive for folks who feel some tension or pain in their pelvic area. Helping to release what no longer serves, heal past life, this lifetime traumas (of course, with other modalities & support, and when ready). Ease. Supported flow. Almost like, holding the container.

The taste, the feeling of the Medicine is one that is hard to describe. When I work with it my body just sighs, like, thank you. Keeping in mind it is a tincture though, so I do like to mix it with some water.

WORK WITH MEMORIES OF THE WOMB: 1-2 droppersful/day, in water, or as needed for uterine cramping {I sometimes go up to 1tsp for heavy cramping, usually just a few days in a row}

INGREDIENTS: Wild Yam, Black Haw, Partrigeberry leaf, Peony Root, Yarrow, Rose, Cinnamon, Pomegranate, Brandy, Raw Honey

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