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Mother's + Caregiver's Day Nourishing Love Bundle

Mother's + Caregiver's Day Nourishing Love Bundle

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Mother's {Caregivers} Day Nourishing Love Bundle

Limited small batch bundle ~ for Mamas, caregivers, for ourselves, our sisters & siblings. For anyone who needs some extra nourishment, womb (creative energy centre) support, nervous system & heart support

{May arrive after May 12th, especially for folks out East ♥}

An offering that came to me & came together quickly, with some of my very favourite Medicines. Themes of Wild Rose, Sweetgrass, Nettle, Seaweed & Spring flowers woven into the Medicines … fortifying our Hearts & Spirit, transversing endings/shedding, abundance, gratitude, beauty, pleasure, soothing, joy, healing our maternal lineages, our connection to our Original Mother, the Land, Spirit, one another, ourselves… belonging. Remembering our original instructions here, and being held as we continue showing up, creating change, holding our families + communities, and tending to one another.

A bundle to care for, nourish, and share love with those who care for so many.

This bundle is all about nurturing & healing. My hope is that you, or whomever you gift it too, will feel that love + care + depth of nourishment. To know they are worthy of receiving, pleasure, joy, healing. For those who give so much, helping honour those sacred boundaries also, to remember sweetness & to pour into ourselves also. To be. To play. To enjoy. To dream AND create those dreams here too. Honouring all of those who walked before us, with us, and those to come

Heart + Womb Electuary Honey, Healer Ritual {Western Cedar, Yarrow, Rose, Hawthorn} Bath Salt, Mugwort + Rose Oil, Matriarch Flower Essence {new!!}, Resilience Tea blend, Sweetgrass + Rose Ritual {smudge} Spray, and a very special Seaweed + fresh Nettle finishing Salt with hand harvested Seaweed


Heart + Womb Electuary, with Schisandra, Rose, Shatavari & Ginger. Moving stuck or stagnant energy, Liver & TCM Kidney support, balancing hormones and connecting us to our Hearts, our Wombs, our creative potential & inspiration. Our vitality.

Electuaries are honey based Medicines crafted with herbal powders. They are a potent offering & can be enjoyed right off of the spoon, mixed into warm Coconut milk for an herbal latte, in hot water as a ‘tea,’ or drizzled over Strawberries & Cacao. Yum!!

You will also find a very small batch Herbal Bath Salt, Healer Ritual Bath Salt with  West coast Cedar, Coastal Yarrow, Wild Rose & Hawthorn flower + berry extracts.

There is also Mugwort + Rose Ritual Oil, a beautiful green from the freshly infused Mugwort, with just a hint of Rose. Not overpowering as the Earthy-ness of Mugwort comes through. Calling on that nurturing, loving & healing energy of Mugwort & Rose Medicines. This small batch oil was crafted from Fresh Mugwort + Rose; grown by and lovingly harvested by me. This massage oil carries with it the loving & heart expanding energy. Offering support, healing & love to a heart that is heavy. Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, is associated with the Moon. Dreaming. Visioning. A potent Womb Medicine & mover. Helping to clear space, to cleanse & dispel any harmful energies, while inviting us to Dream. Moving stuck energies & relieving tension {physical + emotional}. To drop in to our bodies, in a very ‘connected with Spirit’ way. I love working with them before bed, over my lower abdomen & between eye brows for visioning + dreamwork. Or over any sore/tight muscles, ligaments. Can be worked with for bruises/strains as well.

Resilience Tea is a very special blend that I usually only make for gifting to community. They were calling to be included. A blend of Sweetgrass, Nettle, Rose, Linden, Elderflower & Skullcap. Soothing the nervous system, calming anxiety & ‘over-thinking’/worrying. Dropping into our Heart space, healing any lingering tension held in our Hearts, our bodies. Expansive, yet grounded. Nourishing Nettle offering minerals & vitamins to feed our tissues, our muscles, our cells! With some gentle protection & boundary Medicine, and the beauty of Sweetgrass reminding us of our connection with Creation, Source, Spirit ~ with ourselves + Mama Earth. Calling all of that good Medicine into our lives, our families & rippling out into our communities, and beyond. Healing lineages.

Sweetgrass + Rose Spray A beautiful combo of two Medicines that remind us of home {Earth & Spirit}, and of our Maternal lineages, our Wise Elders & Ancestors - Wiingashk + Oginii-waabigwan, Sweetgrass + Wild Rose. Sweetgrass gathered in Montana, Apsáalooke territory & Rose. This Sacred Spray is deeply healing, and may be worked with as a room or body spray. Invoking a sense of welcome, love, home, belonging, forgiveness, and peace. Sweetgrass is one of the Four Sacred Medicines here in so called North America for many Nations, and is also Native to Eurasia. When I work with them, they hold a sense of home, of forgiveness, of peace, of love. They remind us that we belong. They connect us to the home we all share which is Mama Earth, the Water, the Sky. This Blend evokes our well Ancestors & Loving guides to walk with us ... offering hope, and peace to our Hearts. Something many of us Earth keepers, Water Protectors, Caregivers and Sensitive folks need right now.

Nettle + Seaweed Finishing Salts are one of my favourites to craft! (and to enjoy!) With Celtic Grey Sea Salt, freshly harvested Seaweed (Sea Lettuce, and Fucus/Bladderwrack) and fresh Spring Nettle. These salts are delicious, but also pack a lot of minerals, vitamins & deep nourishment. Blood building and mineralizing. I especially love adding them to soups and stews, or broths. But they are delicious on so many things. The vibrant green colour alone feels like Medicine! Carrying that Ocean energy to hold us, and remember. Returning to our origin stories, primordial creation energy.

I added Matriarch flower essence this year. A blend of Wild Rose, Wild Ginger, Oat, Magnolia, Blue cohosh, Yarrow, and Sweetgrass. Holding us as we hold so many, as we remember. Stepping into who we are fully, and remembering our gifts here. Bringing Protection medicine. Matriarch essence is a blend of Plant kin to support us on our journey. To hold our Hearts, to heal versions of ourselves & integrate all of the lessons we have earned over the years. So that we may carry these lessons in an embodied way here, putting them into action + practice.

With Plant kin to support the Heart + Womb/Sacral energy centre. Matriarch is for all genders, for awakening that Yin energy, and coming from our Hearts. Restoring vitality & creative energy through our sacral energy centre.

Walking in the footsteps of our well Ancestors, carrying this wisdom in our blood + bones, to bring healing + harmony. Awakening our inner protector, nuturer & stewards of the Earth.

Awakening & calling energy to our creative nature, our ability to birth new life ~ whether that is through art, or writing, or play, or stepping further into ourselves, or creating a life we feel aligned with. Allowing ourselves to be open to receive guidance & take action … creating space & fertile ground for ALL of our dreams {individual & collective} to be nurtured & grow. A deeply grounding Flower Essence, heightened by the Taurus energies ~ helping us to be reminded we are Nature embodied, we are not separate from the Earth. Lovely when energies feel floaty, spacey or swirly ~ gently Rooting us & grounding so that we may walk forward with this love, harmony & beauty.

Rose weaves through so many of the offerings. I’ve shared many posts about Wild Rose if you’re interested in perusing them ~ they’re a close kin.

This bundle is meant to be enjoyed & worked with however feels most aligned. In ritual as an experience, or throughout the week, the day, the month when you feel called to a certain Medicine.

Resilience Tea: There are instructions for brewing the tea on the bag, usually 1-2 tsp per cup, covered. Can add honey or enjoy as is!

Healer Bath Salts: Add 1/8cup directly to your bath water, bathe with the herbs + seaweed, connecting & feeling them holding you. Giving gratitude for the Water, feeling our origins, remembering. When you drain Water, be sure to use a mesh ‘catcher’ so that the Plants don’t clog drain. Alternatively you can add the Salts to a muslin cloth to hold them in (or just tie up an old cotton cloth). Or steep in Water like a tea before hand, strain, and add Herbal Water to bath. Can also mix with oil & use in shower as an exfoliating scrub. I’d let it sit for a bit with the oil to soften the seaweed! Yum.

Heart + Womb Electuary: Enjoy directly off the spoon, or you can add to any herbal infusion or plain hot water. I love adding to a cup of steamed coconut milk + cacao for a really delicious (and medicinal) treat. Typically adaptogens should be worked with daily for best results, though, you can work with this one as you feel called

Matriarch Flower Essence: Flower essences are intuitive. I like to work with 3-11 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Taken a few times a day, for 3-7 days in a row. Notice any shifts, and pay attention to any changes over the 3-7 days. If no shifts occur, continue taking for another few days. From there, work with as needed, or during ritual work/meditation/new moon/full moon ceremonies. Of course, you can also just work with them whenever you feel called. Can add to drinks, to tea, to your bath…

Mugwort + Rose Ritual Oil: This oil may be worked with in so many ways! In ritual & energy work, as well as more ‘physical’/practical work. I love to massage over my abdomen + heart. Connecting that Heart + Womb line, ensuring the energy between these two vital spaces is flowing, clear, loving. Envisioning moving any stagnant energy out, releasing. And making space for Dreams, Visions, Creative flow, Life to come. You can also use on bruises, sprains, sore muscles, for relieving tension & healing. {Mugwort typically isn’t worked with while pregnant}

Sweetgrass + Rose Spray: Spray yourself, your home, office, car, space anytime you want to welcome in those feelings of *home,* love, belonging, peace, forgiveness. A lovely Ritual spray to work with after you've cleansed your space/self, or to end your Ritual and move forward for the day. I spray my sleeping area before bed for peaceful, sweet & protected dreams. I also love to keep them in my birth kit in case smoke medicines cannot be worked with & my little one loves it for feeling calm. Love them as a Postpartum gift!

Nettle + Seaweed Finishing Salts: Taste a little pinch directly if you feel called, notice the Seaweed & fresh Spring Nettle. Both gathered here on so called Vancouver Island, Snuneymuxw territory, this Spring. Merging Sea + Land. Close your eyes if you feel called & just notice if you can taste, sense, feel the Land and Water, the Ocean air. I love sprinkling these finishing salts on many savory dishes, especially broths & Mushroom soups. You can add to anything you'd like when craving that extra mineralizing medicine. Amazing added to broths to bring extra nutrients and plant medicine tonics. 

Ritual: If I had an evening of ritual & self love to myself, I might start by making a cup of Resilience tea. Maybe adding some of the Womb + Heart honey, or, saving that for while in the bath off the spoonful ;) Lighting some candles, running a bath & adding some of the Aláyt Bath Salts (I like to steep first, then strain out herbs, see below). Adding some flower essence to the tea, or a cup of water to enjoy with the bath.

Once in the bath, engaging in any rituals that call. Whatever you are needing at this time. These Plants are especially supportive for clearing energy, protecting, and also just coming home to ourselves, our bodies. Giving gratitude to the Water. To the Land + Sea. Envisioning anything you are carrying that is feeling heavy, or tense, going back to the Water. Connecting with source. Letting the Medicines + Water bring Harmony.

You could also work with Matriarch Flower Essence & see what memories, feelings, thoughts, sensations arise… 

After you emerge from the bath (letting what no longer serves spiral down the drain ;), mist yourself & space with Sweetgrass + Rose. Embodying that wisdom, beauty. Following up with Mugwort + Rose oil massage over your Heart, lower abdomen & between eyebrows. Connecting. Visioning. Loving on yourself tenderly. Sending compassion to yourself, your body, your womb/energy centers. To all versions of who you are/have been/will be. Knowing you are so deeply loved & held. Feeling that Ancestral wisdom embracing.

Maybe keeping a dream journal for any dreams or visions that come with working with Mugwort + Rose, or after your Water ritual.

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