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Mugwort + Flower wand {Plant Medicine Flower Wand + Echinacea Flower Essence}

Mugwort + Flower wand {Plant Medicine Flower Wand + Echinacea Flower Essence}

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Magick Medicine Bundle : Plant Medicine Wand + Flower Essence

A potent combination of Medicines that offer deep protection, energy clearing, increased visioning, dreaming, & communication with Spirit. Helping us to make space for all that we are calling in & co-creating, as we dream into being new {harmonious} cycles.

Also makes a very beautiful gift, I love working with the Plant wands on my altar space - and they may also be burned from the open end. Typically to put them out I smudge them on a rock if I'd like to relight later.

These beautiful wands are made with Mugwort & coastal Mugwort from the Xálish Medicine garden. Made with a blend of Calendula, Clematis, Rosemary, California Poppy, Yarrow, and Anise hyssop. Each wand is unique & may have all of these flowers, or just some.


Plant Wands //

These Magickal Plant Wands were created on bright Sunny days, bathed in the warmth of the Sun, new Blooms & infused with Solar energy in the Medicine Garden. Crafted with Mugwort & Coastal Mugwort, your wand will also contain flowers from the Medicine garden, each wand is a little different. Yours may contain: Yarrow, Peony, Lavender, Love in a Mist, Clematis, Dame's Rocket ~ there are flowers in every wand, but the combinations vary. Calling forth Cosmic co-creation & abundance.

Mugwort is a sacred plant ally & there are many species/siblings in this family - worked with for visioning + clearing space + purification rituals + connecting to our intuition & dreams. Ruled by Artemis & the Moon. I love working with them before bed for dreamwork & visioning. They are lovely for opening perceptions, for ritual & meditative work. They also clear energy & clear our spaces. I find that they may heighten intuition & clear any stagnant or ‘negative’ energy that doesn’t belong, and it also allows space for deep vision and intuition. Mugwort is one that I would burn to create a dreamy, clear space.

Mugwort, and Artemis, are also highly connected to the Moon, noticing their silvery underside. If you look at Mugwort during a Full Moon you can actually see this glow. The Moon may be seen as our Elder, a Grandmother energy - guiding us and inspiring us. That feminine energy vs. gendered energy. Moving us to flow with Nature and within our own bodies, and rhythms. In this way, Mugwort also helps us with these sometimes difficult aspects of flowing and honoring our *personal* cycles above capitalistic standards.

The Moon also may act as an inspiration and activation for our creative pursuits, pulling with our waters and menstrual cycles.

Mugwort is a plant that can help us walk with both worlds, grounded on Earth in our bodies, yet visioning to the Cosmos and beyond. Flying through the Cosmos while grounded in our bodies. I love this quote from Paracelsus, “What is Venus but the Artemisia that grows in your garden?” Linking them also to Venus, who often shows up with the Moon.

Echinacea flower essence may be supportive for patterns of deficiency, feeling exhausted, or questioning one’s path, intuition & ways of knowing. Feeling disconnected from life source. They may help fortify us, to resource, to help us rebuild, while also amplifying our inner protection. They are beautiful Medicine for discernment, strengthening intuition & self trust. For remembering the wisdom we carry in our own bodies. Healing patterns of feeling disconnected from ourselves & Creation. Resourcing from *within.* Knowing we are Nature embodied. They may support in rebuilding & strengthening internally, standing in our most authentic & aligned selves, fully. They may support us in this remembering of who we are, and why we are here ~ knowing our connection with our own bodies is also a connection with all of Creation.


You may burn Mugwort in a similar manner to Sage, lighting the end of the wand {connecting us to our Ancestors, Star Nations & Sky}, and holding it over a shell or dish. Letting the smoke envelop you, your home, or anything you would like to bring cleansing & purifying energy to. Coming back to Center during Ritual, or creating a Sacred Space for visioning + divination work + relaxation. {these are just simple suggestions, please follow protocols you have or teachings that resonate}

For the Flower Essences I like to suggest working with them as an intuitive medicine, listening to what you may need. 3-7 drops under the tongue, or in water is a beautiful place for many to start. Work with as needed. Find more info on @among_the_wildflowerss Reels for how to work with Flower Essences

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