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Nectar of Life: Hormone Balancing + Vital Essence Tincture

Nectar of Life: Hormone Balancing + Vital Essence Tincture

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Nectar of Life ~ Fertility, Creative Potential & Opening

Mmmmm THIS Medicine. Coming up for a name with this one was tough ~ it embodies our juiciness, our creative energy & potential. Our ability to be in pleasure, receive & really be in our bodies to feel the beauty of being Human.

This formula has been waiting to be shared for almost 3 years! A fertility supportive blend. Fertility in all senses of the word. Creative energy, birthing new ideas, art, crafts, medicines, humans! Taking care of our Mama Earth too & tending to the Land. It is an early Summer day, in the Sun after sweet morning dew has gathered. It’s the laughter of one of your best friends or aunties, sitting by the Water, with lush Greens & Sun dripping down … fresh fruit in their hand as you soak in Life together.

Some Heart Medicines of Hawthorn berries (haws) and Hawthorn Flowers to uplift & support any grief. Helping us to remember what it feels like to fall in Love with Life, with ourselves, with the Water + Plants. To share that Love with kin.

As well as hormone support Medicines like Shatavari & Angelica sinensis, which have been shown to potentially help boost fertility. Shatavari are worked with as a visioning, or flying herb. Connecting us to those energies of Spirit + Body.

Aromatic kin like Orange Peel, to clear any heat + dampness, as well as Cardamon, to lift Spirit + disperse stuck energy.

White Peony Root was also added to help support working with our Maternal Lineages ~ remembering that Medicine we hold. Those gifts we carry.

It is a really delicious blend! Infused in Brandy + Honey. Juiciness! Sweetness. Yummy added to some Soda Water for a late Spring herbal ‘mock tail.’ (With a bit of that Brandy though, so keep in mind, it isn’t a lot but still there :)). Or just drop doses straight from the bottle.

WORK WITH NECTAR OF LIFE: 1 droppersful, 1-2x/daily to receive adaptogenic effects. Otherwise as needed, when you feel called to work with them. Added to drinks or enjoyed in drop doses directly from the bottle :)

INGREDIENTS: Shatavari, Angelica, Hawthorn haws, White Peony Root, Hawthorn flowers, Cardamom, Orange Peel, Wild Ginger flower essence, Brandy, Raw Honey


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