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Nourish :: Mushroom Coffee substitute for Liver & Gut support

Nourish :: Mushroom Coffee substitute for Liver & Gut support

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Nourish Coffee Substitute 

A new fave Coffee alternative! Nourish is a blend of roots, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms to bring inner vitality, energy & nourishment to the body. Supporting balanced immune function, energy levels, gut health and liver support. The taste is rich & slightly bitter, like coffee, with more of a toasted flavour from the Ramon Nut (one of my favourites; nut allergy free). For boosting stamina and mitigating fatigue, without caffeine.

I love coffee, everything about coffee ~ but, my body only loves one cup a day. Sometimes I take breaks from coffee when I’m noticing symptoms of too much: dry skin, dry lips, irritability, increased anxiety, digestive upset, and feeling deficient + burnt out (of course these symptoms may be related to other things as well). So I wanted to create a blend that I could work with similarly to coffee, but that felt more nourishing & supportive. Roasted Dandelion is a common coffee alternative, and one that is so yummy!

Dandelion root may support gut health, as well as offer gentle detoxification. Reishi & Mataike are medicinal mushrooms that may support the immune system as well as blood. Reishi has an affinity for the Heart, easing our Hearts + Spirit.

Ramon Nut is one of my favourite flavours, rich like coffee, with some chocolate flavour too. Ramon Nuts come from the Ramon Tree, and are a traditional medicine in Central America. They are high in iron, zinc, folate & calcium, bringing nourishment and supporting blood building.

Burdock is one of my favourite Root medicines when we are feeling depleted or burnt out, they help to bring that nourishment from within. Helping to heal and soothe the gut, so that proper nutrient absorption may occur. While coffee can inhibit some nutrient absorption, Root + Rise may help to actually increase nutrient absorption.

Mesquite is a unique flavour, somewhat sweet, caramely, and smokey. Mesquite is high in fibre, which may support balanced gut flora. Also high in zinc, as well as copper & magnesium. May help to soothe inflamed tissues, and heal the gut.

I like to work with Nourish as a second cup of ‘coffee’ for the day, mixed with a bit of Coconut milk and Maple syrup for some sweetness. You can blend with a bit of Coconut oil for a frothier texture. I've been enjoying with some of the Gingerbread Electuary, and a scoop of Revitalizing Cacao Elixir ~ so yummy.

Also delicious added to your morning Coffee, before brewing. Just add a tsp of Nourish directly in with the ground Coffee, and brew as usual. Much of the medicinal aspects will come through the infusion.

You can add straight to water, or milk, however I prefer to brew & strain, just like I would with coffee. You can make similarly to a pour over, or add to a French press and steep for 5 minutes. If you don’t mind some of the powder texture, you can just drink it without straining as well :)

NEW 85g size

Ingredients: Roasted Dandelion, Roasted Ramon Nut, Burdock, Chaga, Mataike, Reishi, Mesquite, Vanilla, Cinnamon


1-2 tsp per 12 oz of just boiled water. Brew as you would coffee, I personally like it best in a French Press, or just steeping & then straining. You can also drink it like an instant coffee, however the heavier roots will settle to the bottom & the texture won't be 100% smooth as it would if strained. Experiment & see what works best for you!

Nourish latte: Brew Nourish, add 1 tsp coconut oil, a bit of milk of your choice & sweetener to taste. Blend to create frothy texture, sip, enjoy :)


Anytime you are craving a nourishing & grounding drink. May also be added to your coffee to add the medicinal benefits + flavour. I've enjoyed brewing my regular coffee with just a teaspoon of nourish, may also be supportive for our digestion + ease on our GUT as coffee can be a bit harsh to our GUT especially in the Winter. 

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