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Circle of Protection Salts

Circle of Protection Salts

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Circle of Protection Salts

*Not for bathing or internal use

Protection Salts came to be this Samhain season, I typically make them just for myself, home & family. However I felt called this Season to make them to share more widely.

A blend of Protection Plant Medicines to clear any harmful energies, offer boundaries, and protection. With Hypericum, Angelica, Mugwort, Dragon’s blood resin, Poke Root, Birch & Fir. These Salts are potent, and a little goes a long way. They should last quite some time.

Each of these Plant Medicine may offer protection in various ways. Some of them help to clear obstacles, or blocks in energy. While others help to ‘unbind’ energy, or dispel/dissolve harmful energies sent our way. Sometimes protection can look like holding strong boundaries, ensuring our energies are not be depleted or over-extending beyond capacity + reciprocity. May be supportive when speaking up, or showing up in ways we are called, when we need some extra support. Helpful as well for sensitive souls, and ‘empathic’ folks who tend to pick up on other’s energies who need help clearing them. Ensuring we are coming from a clear Heart, Spirit.

Overall they are a beautiful ritual item to deepen protection rituals. I work with them often around my home, and for my little one as well. You can also add them to a small amulet or pouch to carry, or keep with you, hang in the car, etc. There are so many ways to work with them! However, they are NOT meant to be worked with internally, for external use only.

Ingredients: Ash of Poke Root, Dragon’s Blood, Birch, Yarrow & Fir, blended with Angelica oil, Hypericum, Mugwort, Juniper, Cinnamon + Clove oil, Protection medicine, love *May stain fabric, NOT for internal use

How to work with Circle of Protection Salts: You can work with Protection Salts in many ways, keeping in mind that they can stain fabrics, and a little goes a long way. Sprinkle around doors & windows to keep unwanted energies out, set a dish under the bed to absorb energies, and offer protection. Add ritual items into some Salt (ensuring it is ok for them to go in the salt), to clear energy & attune. Sprinkle a very small amount in floor cleaning bucket (like a tiny pinch) to clean. Keep in a tiny bottle or pouch with you for protection throughout the day/when going through something that requires more protection/clearing harmful energies.

However you choose to work with them, ensure you dispose of any left overs after in a way that encourages movement away from your home/space.

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