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Pulsatilla Flower Essence

Pulsatilla Flower Essence

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Pulsatilla helps balance our energetic Lung space - allowing us to breathe with ease, filling our lungs with light & healing energy. Clearing grief & sadness {grief is governed by the Lung in TCM}.

This Pulsatilla was gathered and the Flower Essence was made in the high altitude Rocky Mountains of Montana, Apsáalooke territory. This fuzzy purple flower is the embodiment of feminine nature. When in balance

Pulsatilla evokes love, sensitivity, compassion and forgiveness. Out of
balance Pulsatilla becomes run by their emotions, not from a place of flow, but from a place of ungroundedness.

One may feel overly sensitive and irritable - holding on in both the body & mind to all of the wrongs that have come their way. Useful for those who are feeling overly sensitive, misunderstood. For the empath who is on an emotional rollercoaster, to bring stability and centeredness
to one’s compassionate and loving nature. Bringing a sense of
respect, love, and strength to one’s core self.

Completely opening & expanding the Heart to feel the infinite &
expansive love of the Universe.

Helpful for constrictive feelings in the chest, or for stagnant energy held in our heart space from lack of feeling seen, heard, appreciated or respected for one’s sensitive nature. Connects us to higher energy planes, through our heart & crown.

Perfect as we clear the last pieces of this previous cycle. Moving through emotions, to step fully into this next cycle with a clarity & ease. Attuning to the Vibration of this beautiful Spring Being. Birthing this Life & Creations, through remaining open.

A note I wrote after sitting with Pulsatilla in the Mountains: 
“Whispy, fuzzy, Pulsatilla. Opening up to the sun. Reminding me of my own growth, reminding me that allowing light in is the way to open. That light will help us bloom fully. Beautiful, purple pulsatilla. I felt my heart expand fully. A deep expansion paired with buzzing around my head. My consciousness expanding with every touch. My body losing touch with the false reality that anything is actually separate from myself. Lines blurring, and my heart space touching everything & everyone around me. Deep LOVE. I am safe here. In this body. Breathe...”

How to work with Pulsatilla Flower Essence:

Take 3 drops under the tongue, or in water, as needed. You can choose to work with the Essence for 3-7 days in a row, taking note of any changes or shifts. Taking a break, and then resuming as needed. I usually recommend keeping a dream journal during your time connecting with a new Plant.

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