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Record Keeper ~ Brain Boost + Cognitive function Tincture

Record Keeper ~ Brain Boost + Cognitive function Tincture

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This gorgeous emerald tincture is a potent combination of Plants made fresh from the Xálish Medicine garden: Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Rosemary & Tulsi {Holy Basil}.

Record Keeper is a Cognitive formula for all things brain health, focus, memory & clear thinking. It is a powerful blend of nootropic & adaptogenic herbs all grown by me in the Medicine Garden, and harvested with so much Love.

This memory boosting blend is helpful for brain fog, learning, focus (ahem, we all need this these days it seems), clarity, ADHD, forgetfulness, mental fatigue as well as supporting overall brain health.

These Plant kin may help support circulation within the body, ensuring healthy blood flow & also reducing inflammation.

Esoterically these Plant Medicines help us to remember, they hold the keys to unlock the potential held within our central nervous system. To help us in calling forth deep held memories, remembering the wisdom we carry within, in our DNA. Supporting us in learning & integrating all of the information we receive. Putting it into embodied action. May also be supportive before speaking & teaching, increasing focus & calming without causing fatigue.

Record Keeper is also a blend of longevity tonic adaptogens that help to support our ability to handle stress, balance cortisol, reduce anxiety, reduce irritability, balance mild depression, support higher energy levels & promote overall health.


GOTU KOLA is a longevity herb that also helps to rebuild collagen - making them helpful for joints as well as increasing collagen production in the skin (protecting against pre-mature aging of the skin). They are often worked with as an energizing herb, though they aren’t energizing like caffeine - they offer a little pick me up to sagging energy levels.

HOLY BASIL is also a longevity herb, acting as an Adaptogen. They help our overall vitality & bringing a sense of deep focus to our lives so that we can fully be present to each moment.

BACOPA is a juicy luscious nootropic friend. Bacopa, specifically constituents within Bacopa called bacosides, have been shown to be potentially protective of dementia. Helping to boost memory and cognitive function.

ROSEMARY is a magical being that offers so much more than just a dried spice in your cupboard. They help remove harmful energy, and also help increase memory. I find Rosemary helps us to remember our Ancestral connections, and evokes memories of Grandmothers walking with us. Rosemary also may help as a calming herb to reduce anxiety, and balance low mood. They are also a protection & clearing Plant kin.

This blend is also high in anti-oxidants & may support overall health by mitigating free radical damage. Offering support to not just the Brain, but also the Heart, as well as potentially reducing overall inflammation and reducing anxiety.


2tsp, 2-3x/day in a bit of water. Works best when worked with regularly {1oz. bottle}


Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Tulsi, Rosemary, Spring Water, Gluten Free Alcohol - Small batch, Organic, Wild Crafted and/or Home Grown by Me :)

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