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Restore {Warmth + Relief} Ritual Bath

Restore {Warmth + Relief} Ritual Bath

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Restore is a beautiful bath soak formulated to bring ease & relaxation into the body, to relieve tension, aches, and pain. The Plants in Release may also support lymphatic flow, as well as bring relief during common colds ~ bringing warmth & clearing congestion, phlegm and easing any body aches.

Ginger is a delicious warming spice that has been shown to reduce muscle aches, spasms and have analgesic properties {pain relief}. Ginger soaks are among my favourite when tension is feeling held in the body, and for muscle soreness. Paired with mineral salts & magnesium to replenish the body, and soothe any cramping + tension. Ginger also is warming and helps to move stuck + stagnant energy in the body. Perfect as we deepen into Winter months.

Calendula is added to help support lymphatic movement, and gentle detoxification through the lymph. They are also a deeply healing topical medicine for the skin ~ they may help to heal eczema and psoriasis, as well as tonify tissues and heal minor wounds. I love adding them to sitz baths for wound healing. Embodying the Sun, brining in that vitality & joy medicine.

Cottonwood bud is one of my favourite medicines for easing alll things muscle aches, tension, and any pains. They are so deeply soothing. They help to reduce inflammation, as well as relax the muscles. Cottonwood bud are also a Heart Medicine, holding our energetic Hearts & supporting us through grief, or heartache.

Release is such a potent blend for bringing warmth, ease & relief in the body ~ as well as holding space for grief, for the traumas & tension we have held in our bodies for generations. That Sun medicine coming through to move energy, and help us remember love + joy are a necessary part of healing, of honouring life, and grief.

Work with Release any time you are feeling like you need some comfort, to be held. To move stuck energy & bring some peace into your body. For aches, muscle soreness or pain. As well as easing some symptoms of the common cold. A go to bath for this Winter season!

Ritual Bath: Suggested Instructions: Add 1/8 cup of Salt per bath {or up to 1/4 cup}. Fill bath, giving gratitude to the Water remembering our Bath water connects us to all of Earth's sacred Waters, and the Water within. Swirl suggested amount, or whatever calls, in the Water & feel the comfort + support of our Plant kin. Can also add to oil to make a shower scrub, with a little honey for more moistening.

Work with Restore during colds + flu for easing congestion, body aches, and increasing lymphatic circulation + blood flow (important for immune support). In times of increased stress, when that stress, grief, or frustration gets held in the body. For muscle soreness, aches, and minor joint pain. Or anytime you’re feeling called to warmth, Heart medicines, and feeling comforted + held by the Water, Tree, and Plant kin

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Grey Salt, Himalayan Salt, Ginger, Calendula, Cottonwood bud infused oil, Meadowsweet oil, Birch bark oil, Ponderosa Pine resin oil, Nutmeg essential oil, Atlas Cedar essential oil

6oz reusable glass jar

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