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Rooted {adaptogens + mushroom} Coffee substitute

Rooted {adaptogens + mushroom} Coffee substitute

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Rooted is a blend of nourishing & grounding medicinal Roots & one fungi! Supporting detoxification pathways, gut health, blood building, immune support & overall restorative.

I hesitate calling this a coffee alternative because it isn't exactly the same as Coffee, or most of the Coffee substitutes.

It is rich, toasty & bitter, and pairs well with nut mylks, coconut mylk & maple syrup - mmm. I like to do a long steep to make it a bit more rich ♥

Rooted was crafted for myself, for an afternoon coffee alternative that also supported Liver, Gallbladder & the Immune system. Also as a grounding point for these times. A place to come back to center, and nourish my body vs. deplete. To support healthy energy levels within.

Yellowdock was the inspiration for this Medicine - they are often worked with for anemia, reducing inflammation & acting as a tonic. They also may help with sluggish digestive system & bowel movements. Roasted Dandelion & Burdock Root add deep alterative & detoxification support to the formula. Supporting the Liver as well as digestion. Burdock has a long tap root, delving deep into the Earth to pull up nutrients and offer this grounding + nourishment to us. They help us when we are feeling fatigued & deficient, helping our bodies assimilate food, ideas, spiritual downloads, and letting go of anything that doesn't nourish us.

Roasted Chicory Root is so delicious, adding the malty flavour to this blend. They are a beautiful purple blue flower, who's Root offers potent Medicine for supporting our detoxification pathways as well as gallbladder.

Astragalus is often worked with as an Adaptogenic herb. Supporting healthy immune function, as well as lung health. They connect us to our breath, our life force, our Ancestors. Grief is also often held in the Lungs. In this way, Astragalus may also help us process long held grief - even Ancestral grief. Paired with the other Roots detoxification & digestion {elimination through large intestine + bowel}, we are moving the energies out. Transmuting energies into nourishment.

Chaga is also added for their delicious flavor & depth. They are a Medicinal mycelium (not technically a 'mushroom') often worked with for immune support, among many other things. They remind us of our inner fire, our passion, creativity & action. High in melanin, they also may support visions + intuitive insight through pineal gland activation. To me, they connect us to all that is. They grow on Birch trees & carry this Medicine. Axis Mundi. Of earth + stars. Chaga offers an expanded perception of our reality, a different way of looking at Rooting.

Work with Rooted: 1-2tsp per 12oz water. Bring 12oz water to boil, add 1 tsp Rooted, and simmer on low for 20-30 min. Adding more water if needed. Let steep an additional 10 min.

When working with Roots + Mushrooms, decoctions often pull more Medicine & flavor than infusions. It may be a longer process; however I think that is part of the Medicine. Slow. Intentional. Grounding.

60g {in compostable bag}

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