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Sacred Grief Flower Essence

Sacred Grief Flower Essence

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Sacred Grief Flower Essence

Sacred Grief flower essence was birthed during these times to help support us navigate times of intense grief, sadness, change, uncertainty & loss. This intuitive formula is crafted from Flower essences that have each held me during times of grief & death. Death can be physical of course, when we lose someone we love {including the Land, Water ways, Language, etc} and it may also be spiritual or an ending of a cycle. Endings of cycles can feel painful as we let go of what we thought may be, what could be, what was <3 Grief of course can also be related to the Land, colonization, Ancestral healing & remembering, capitalism over culture, etc. We are all carrying some degree of grief as we collectively mourn what & who has been lost, and long for a more Harmonious way for all.

These Medicines come together to offer us Heart support to be able to flow with the grief & emotions vs. getting stuck in them. They also offer gentle guidance *through* the grief, so that we may still be present with ourselves. Of course, we know grief is not linear & this formula does not take away the Sacred ceremony of grief ~ it helps us to integrate the lessons & teachings, be gentle with ourselves, others as we are in grief cycles. It helps us to let our Sacred Tears flow in honoring the LOVE that brings us to these depths of grief + sorrow. It helps us remember the Root of that Love so that we can find our way forward in each moment. This blend also may be supportive for offering some gentle protection & boundaries as we navigate grief. Sometimes we become a bit more vulnerable during these times & open to other energies coming in. Alternatively we may become closed & stuck. This blend helps us to remain open, while protecting our Hearts & energy.

These Plants have held me through deaths & miscarriage. My hope & intention is that they offer you some gentle support & remembering hope, as well as joy after loss. That they offer you comfort & a warm embrace when it feels like you may not ever emerge again from the depths, gently holding you as you make your way through <3

For all loses, big & small… for our Hearts & Spirits, honoring the grief we carry.

To learn more about flower essences:

Ingredients: Pomegranate, Rose water, Flower essences of Motherwort, Hypericum, Agrimony, Wild Rose, Spring Water, Brandy


Take 3 drops under the tongue, or in water, as needed. You can choose to work with the Essence for 3-7 days in a row, taking note of any changes or shifts. Taking a break, and then resuming as needed. I usually recommend keeping a dream journal during your time connecting with a new Plant. Flower essences are intuitive medicines, so please feel free to work with them in the ways that call you.

Flower essences are a vibrational medicine. They may be combined with other flower essences, teas, or tinctures as you feel called. At the very early stages of loss or grief, I find Datura helpful as well. For days where I am more emotionally tender & weepy, feeling a bit floaty, I find Pulsatilla very supportive. We each will be called to different Plants & there isn't a right or wrong way to process.

*Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine, they typically do not contain physical constituents of the Plant. They contain the patterns, energy, imprints of the Plant suspended in Nibi/Water.

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