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Sacred Space Smokeless Smudge Spray (Cedar + Sagebrush)

Sacred Space Smokeless Smudge Spray (Cedar + Sagebrush)

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This beautiful ritual spray offers a smoke free way to bring Sacred Medicine to your Space - to clear, purify, create boundaries, protection & cleanse any lingering or harmful energy - from yourself and your environment. To clear any heaviness or hardness in our Hearts. Offering space clearing.

This Smoke(less) Spray carries big Medicine in the form of - Cedar, home grown Sage, Rose, Sagebrush & Ponderosa Pine. Embodying connection + purification + spiritual guidance on our Earth Walk. They have been tended to with reverence & love. Infused with Obsidian essence from so called Montana, Apsáalooke Land. Grown, Harvested & Crafted in Ceremony, with Ancestral guidance and prayers. Harvested & made with protocol.

Traditionally these Medicines are worked with in smoke form - burning these Plants cleanses one’s space, one’s auric field & subtle body, and calls in benevolent helping Guides. They help us come back to ourselves & have a clear, and good Heart. In some spaces we cannot always burn our Medicines, this Spray may be worked with instead. Also helpful for those who are sensitive to smoke - people with asthma or copd - for example {though, I’ve also seen smoke medicine offer support to folks living with these conditions, each person is unique}. Also bringing in the Water element and that transmutation and flowing energy of Water. I like to keep a bottle in my Clinic Bag for Clearing Space between patients - creating a deeply healing energy that holds Space for others.

Perfect for the office, healing centers, car, hospitals, birth kits & any other space where cleansing energy is welcomed. This Medicine helps me to feel calm & rooted when I'm feeling a little 'off,' also offering strong protection against harmful energies.

As always, ZERO essential oils have been used in this Medicine - just pure, whole Plants, harvested or grown with blessings, love & protocol. Made small batch with Love, Ceremony & reverence in accordance to Ancestral wisdom

WORK WITH SACRED SPACE: Spray around your self, new items brought into your home, or your room/space to clear any stagnant energy, clear any energy that does not belong in your space/self, and call in peaceful & loving guides and support. I love to work with this spray before bed for my little one to clear their room & space.

You can use a mantra & set your intentions as you spray, an example, “I release all that no longer serves my highest good - and make space for all that is meant for me.” Or other space clearing techniques/incantations that resonate with you. As always, follow the teachings you’ve been gifted that resonate with your Spirit.

*This listing is not selling these Medicines directly; I hope this intention is felt & known that protocols are held ♥


Cedar, Sagebrush, Sage, Ponderosa Pine, Rose, Grain free alcohol, Spring Water

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