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Botanical + Seaweed infused Hair Serum

Botanical + Seaweed infused Hair Serum

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A Seaweed & Botanical infused hair oil to bring moisture, strengthen, nourish, repair & protect the hair. I have been loving hair oils so much, and decided to make one that had some favourite Plant kin for hair growth, shine, and repair.

Sea Hair also may help protect hair from environmental damage, UV damage, prevent split ends, and hair breakage. I find it makes my hair extremely soft, and smooth, while moisturizing and restoring shine. It contains a blend of oils that both penetrate the hair for deep moisture and nutrients, as well as seal the hair for preventing damage, increasing shine & softness.

You can work with it like a finishing oil to prevent frizz, increase shine, protection, and reduce fly aways ~ or you can work with it while damp to nourish, strengthen, increase elasticity, moisturize and improve styling. Typically only working with the oil from mid length down depending on hair weight. A few drops go a long ways, so start with less and see how it feels!

Or you can also work with it as a scalp oil treatment, as many of the Plant medicines and Oils in this blend are supportive for actually increasing circulation, essential nutrients, and hair growth at the follicle. If worked with as a scalp treatment you can massage in for 10-15 minutes, and leave on for 30, then wash out. Or leave on overnight and wash out in the morning.

With Seaweed (Fucus & Sea Lettuce) to add extra silica, minerals, and iodine. I find the addition of the Seaweed adds a beautiful volume to the hair as well, if you have any wave it may help to also hold the wave/curl. But also, just those reminders of days at the Ocean, swimming among the Seaweed and Sun dried hair. I typically apply oils before going in the Ocean & before days spent in the Sun to minimize damage and protect the hair also.

Nettle & Horsetail are both also high in minerals, especially silica. This oil won’t feel like artificial silicon oils, but will bring the properties of strengthening & repairing the hair. It may help to prevent breakage as well. Increasing the hair’s elasticity which may also support hair growth (if less hair is breaking, it will of course, be longer :)).

I chose oils that I personally love working with as they are nourishing, and also strengthen the hair. Marula oil is a favourite, it helps to moisturize dry hair & reduce frizz.

Watermelon seed oil is high in copper, magnesium & omega fatty acids to nourish and strengthen the hair. It also helps with styling as it softens the hair and restores shine.

Rice Bran oil is rich in amino acids, and omega fatty acids. Bringing nourishment to the hair. It may help to seal the hair cuticle as well, offering protection, preventing breakage and reducing frizz.

Lastly, essential oils were added to support hair health & bring a luxurious, earthy scent to the blend ~ with just hints of floral, it isn’t an overpowering scent as many of us are sensitive to scents :) The essential oils may also promote hair growth if Sea Hair is worked with as a scalp oil treatment.

*This is not a super lightweight hair oil, so if you have very fine hair I would suggest using this oil (in smaller amounts) as a leave in oil treatment & washing out ~ or using as a scalp massage oil, leaving in overnight to nourish the hair follicles, and wash out in the morning. If you have medium to coarse hair, you likely will love this oil :)


Add a few drops to the hands, rub together to warm, and apply to hair from mid length down while hair is damp or dry for a finishing oil. Leave oil in the hair for all day softness, shine, nourishment & protection. You can also work with Sea Hair as a scalp oil treatment, or a hot oil treatment as well (both include washing the oil out of hair after treatment).

Experiment! Find what works best for you - be sure to let me know what you find!♥


Marula oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot oil, Watermelon seed oil, Rice bran oil, Grapeseed oil, Horsetail extract, Nettle, Fucus + Sea Lettuce (Seaweed), Coastal Wild Rose, Cypress oil, Bay leaf oil, Atlas Cedar oil, Chamomile oil

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