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Seaweed Flower Essence {Salish Sea}

Seaweed Flower Essence {Salish Sea}

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Seaweed Flower Essence 

Ocean Medicine, made with Sugar Kelp, Sea Lettuce, Red Sea Fan Seaweed in the Salish Sea on a Sunny day after a storm.

Reminders of vitality, nourishment from the great mystery + unknown, stability through moving with the Waves, held by Creation + remembering Source. For Transitions + big shifts, feeling unstable, grief.

Seaweed Medicine expert:

During times of uncertainty & instability, may we find our footing within ~ with the Cosmos, with the Wind, Creation…

Waves after wave… they just keep coming sometimes, so many of us are feeling that instability, grief.

They have holdfasts, similar to roots; but they can sometimes be to more mobile stones as well. Growing while floating along with the waves, holding a single stone for ‘grounding.’ Withstanding the current. Finding stability in change, in movement…

Perhaps stability is less ‘heavy’ than we sometimes imagine. Perhaps it is knowing that regardless of the waves, we are held. We are connected to source. To Creation. To ourselves. Our well Ancestors…

During these times of many shifts & changes, maybe these are some of the teachings we are remembering. That creation, nature, is always shifting + flowing. Changing.

That we are nature embodied, and adaptable. That we have the medicine & tools we need for these times. They are within us, within you. Returning to our origins, original instructions, primordial waters. To the great mystery to find our way forward here, together.

If you find yourself feeling that lack of grounded-ness ~ perhaps looking to kin like Seaweed, the Stars, the Water, can whisper how to find connection + stability through movement, through massive change & big shifts.


3-7 drops under the tongue, or in water - as needed ♥ {flower essences are an intuitive medicine & dosage + duration may vary}

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