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Seer Flower Essence {Passionflower, Cactus Flower, Artemisia absinthum, Angelica & Moonstone gem essence}

Seer Flower Essence {Passionflower, Cactus Flower, Artemisia absinthum, Angelica & Moonstone gem essence}

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Seer flower essence is a beautiful blend of Plant & Gem essences to guide us in weaving the seen + unseen realms. To help us vision, not only for personal visioning, but for visioning harmonious ways forward, rooted in Harmony, for all of Creation.

A potent blend to work with when feeling uncertain of a particular path, to gain clarity & insight through unseen realms, Spirit, and cosmic consciousness. Helping us to truly SEE.

White Passionflower is such a beautiful kin. They magically popped up in the Medicine garden this year & called to be shared as a Flower Essence. Passionflower in general may help us connect to that cosmic, or divine consciousness, and help to bring it into our bodies so that we can take action with the messages or downloads we receive. Aligning our spine & nervous system and our subtle body energies. They help us when we are in our heads a bit too much, overthinking vs. being. In this way, they may help when we are feeling anxious or stuck in a pattern of overthinking. They have a beautiful chalice in their flower that also reminds us to receive. For folks who are often ‘over giving,’ and bordering on burn out {often this can happen with empathic and highly sensitive beings}. A conduit for source, truth & our spirit.

Magenta Cactus flower is from a beautiful Cactus kin, Mammillaria bocasana, who are Native to so called North Central Mexico. They don’t bloom every year here, but this year they were filled with abundant blooms. Hope. Energy. Renewal! Balanced with that protection energy, gorgeous flowers surrounded by prickles. Protecting what is Sacred. They also remind us of building that inner resiliency, of blooming in the ‘right time’ & clinging our cycles with that of the Sun + Moon. They are able to thrive in sometimes harsher climates, helping support us through adversities & challenging times we may navigate. They often grow in ‘clusters/clumps’ around the parent Cactus, in this way I also see them helping us connect with our Soul family & find them here. Holding the energy of SEEING isn’t always an easy way to be, but there are so many of our people out there waiting for us & looking for us too.

Angelica archangelica are a very close relative. They help guide us when we are in the void, in those liminal spaces where we are not exactly where we were yet also not where we are to be. The also help us to SEE clearly. Acting as a hollow bone to allow us to be a conduit for Spirit, Creator, Creation. Strengthening our connection to Creation, to Spirit, when we feel disconnected, lost, adrift. They are really lovely guides during important intitiations such as birth/death cycles ~ this can be birthing new creative energies, new job, new identities, etc. Or could be death in the way of any loss, or big shift. Remembering that death/life/birth are woven. They help stabilize the path when we are in these big initiations & strengthen connection to Source energy. So that we can continue to see our way…

Moonstone gem essence holds the energy of Moonstone, they are such a beautiful gemstone. They shine a bit differently depending on how the light moves, and each Moonstone piece is unique. Helping us to remember to look at the situation(s) from different angles, and perspectives. While also knowing each of us are unique, yes, woven together with all of Creation, yet also unique in our being. Helping us to embody this uniqueness that makes us who we are, and embrace those qualities which may not always ‘fit.’ They may help increase physic awareness & intuitive connection. Holding energies of the Moon & traversing those internal realms of our consciousness. May be supportive when experiencing a lot of mood fluctuations especially cyclically.

Lastly, stabilized in a base of Absinthe, crafted with Artemisia absinthum & a few other botanical kin {Anise, Fennel, Lemon Balm & Mint are a few}. Absinthe holds lore of bringing visions & waking dreamlike states. Of course, we know the potency of Artemisia species in helping us connect to these unseen realms & helping us with visioning, divination work & enhancing dreamtime. They also hold a protective & clearing element, moving any energies that are blocking our path, our vision, our alignment.


White Passionflower, Magenta Cactus Flower, Angelica Flower, Moonstone gem essence, stabilized in Absinthe & Spring Water


As with most Flower essences, intuition is your guide! Typically I work with 3-11 drops, but this can vary, either directly under the tongue or diluted in Water. You can also add to cocktails + mocktails as a topper to elevate the drink + experience. Seer would be lovely to work with for any rituals, meditations, New or Full Moon ceremonies, or any time you are feeling a call to clarity, and guidance from Spirit + expanded consciousness.

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