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Sovereign Lymphatic Chest + Body Oil

Sovereign Lymphatic Chest + Body Oil

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Breast + Chest + Body Lymphatic Oil

Sovereign is a beautiful lymphatic oil for supporting proper flow of circulation. Potentially supporting relief of heaviness felt in the breasts/chest, cyclical breast/chest tenderness, and proper detoxification. May also be worked with for other lymphatic stagnation or swollen lymph (ex. topically on neck during a sore throat with swollen glands).

Our breasts & chest are one of the places of intuition that we hold (all genders). They hold so many memories, wisdom, truth & sometimes pain. They are also vital to keeping our lymphatic flow moving freely. Breast + Chest massages are an act of deep self love, of self intimacy & also a way of deepening our Intuition. Getting to know our bodies, and giving Love back to our beings!

Often times if we hold tension in our chests, this can be a way of protecting our Heart Center as well, or protecting our ‘Sacred’ parts of ourselves. A daily, or even weekly, massage can help to release tension hold in the chest (which helps with posture, complexion in the face as blood flows freely, and helps with the rounded shoulders many people with stress overload have). When we release tension held in the chest we may also make space for grief, as our lungs may also hold tension. Expanding our breath & Hearts.

This Oil is amazing for increasing lymphatic flow - our lymph is so important to our immune system, vitality, energy, and overall health. Lovely for new & nursing parents to ensure there is proper blood & lymphatic flow as well.

The Medicines in this oil are all wonderful for increasing detoxification, lymphatic flow, and ensuring healthy tissues around the breasts. There are no added ingredients or essential oils in this blend.

May also be supportive for reducing cyclical breast/chest tenderness or heaviness if worked with regularly, often alongside internal lymphatic & hormone balancing protocols.

RITUAL USE: Massage a dime size amount to each breast nightly, or once a week, moving in circular motion starting from the center and moving out toward the axilla (armpit), make sure to also massage the axilla area all the way up to the collar bone. Best if done 2-3x a week, or daily if possible. If nursing, just make sure to wipe off any oil before feeding

INGREDIENTS: Violet Flowers & Leaves, Poke Root, Cleavers, Red Clover, Frankincense, Organic Olive Oil, Love

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